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fables mode - Kpu6bfyFI
gold coins x 10000 - As8Y8J2cc
hints - 2M4GTprRd
unlock premium content - APmvEolfq
Month Card x1 code - m7qU4M1Ds
upgrade cheat - CrEKjVJwt
premium deck - Se7sIDVXy
weekly gift bag x10 - GnouxEPB6
secret combination - CX4jqFYZt
level up - 1Z9CGrcn2
happy event - kvwAGk9aU
get bonus - cENFITjX4
special reward - ZIjBCGC7X
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Game Story
Cooperate to find the secret card by giving and interpreting clues. Guessers remove cards from the Grid based on the Clues. The secret card is hidden among the 12 cards of the grid. Clues will be placed at the top of the screen. A hedgehog - the blue stripe on top indicates that it is similar to the secret card. The hedgehog is a small mammal. Maybe the secret card has both these traits? Let's remove an animal that is neither small nor a mammal, such as the Peacock.
Similo The Card Game Hack Basics
Tap on the Peacock card to view it in detail. Then tap the broken heart to select the Peacock for removal. Tap the confirm label twice, or drag it to confirm the selection. Press new clue available to begin your next turn.
This is your new clue, tap anywhere to proceed. This time you'll have to remove two cards! Let's consider the new clue. It's a Robin, and the pink stripe indicates that it's different from the secret card.
The Robin is a bird. Maybe the secret card is not a bird?
Let's remove the OWL - tap the broken heart. Then the Hawk... Tap the confirm label twice, or drag it to confirm the selection.
YOur fourth clue, the dog, is similar to the secret card, maybe they are both pets? It would make sense to remove the bear, the deer, the Skunk, and the squirrel.
Hint & Tips
1. To remove multiple cards rapidly we'll use the quick select mode. Tap the bottom of the screen to activate the quick select mode.
2. To win the game, we'll have to remove the animal that is not the secret card.
3. The secret card is identified by the blue frame.
4. You can choose if it's similar to or different from the secret card.
5. Get a new clue every turn: remove more and more cards each turn.
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date29 September 2020
Last Modified29 September 2020
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