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A long time ago, a young man named Nehmo lived. The kingdom was preparing for war with its neighbors, because of the small number of soldiers, they began hiring mercenaries with high pay. So Nehmo started the mercenary company to join the war and make a big hit. Nehmo also got a loan from the merchant guild. The variable interest rate is 5 percent interest but it's okay. He will soon be super rich, and he is going to pay off all the debts. But Nehmo had a big problem. My God, the devil invaded! The Nibs was united to stop the war and prevent the devil. Nehmo was knocked over by the king. And he's mercernary were also forced to volunteer.

Simple Knights cheats android, ios hack codes

Simple Knights –  hack codes

Big problem. Nehmo started a business but no war. Because of the emergency, the loan interest is also rising. Employees are idle because they have no work. Nehmo can't fired them. Because they are full time employees. All this is due to the devil! We invade the underworld!Nehmo's mercenary were underworld. He heard a rumor, many treasures in the devil's castle. It is important, but there are other important reasons. We must defeat the devil and achieve world peace! Then kingdom will go to war again.

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Simple Knights –  cheats secret bug
When the transcendental gauge becomes 100%, it becomes transcendent. Special dungeons have a variety of different rewards and benefits depending on the date and time. Poison move – in this mode your health points drains as time goes by. You must clear the stage before all of your heroes fall. The condition of clearing the stage is the same as normal mode.

how to enter hack cheats Simple Knights.

1. svUfqDxlcT - gold
2. u64ALl3FU4 - crystals
3. SylDrLQA21 - medals
4. JiuHHoUn4G – level up
5. QpOVcklDle - upgrade
6. u9lLbnRf8f - tickets
7. 4jo46Fo1mr - reset

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