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Sin Slayers Game story: once upon a time, a noble warrior, a devoted servant of the king, strayed from the path and arrived in an unfamiliar place. As he explored the area, trying to get his bearings, he spotted an old church in a clearing. And heard the desperate clamor of a fierce battle. Rushing forward to assist, he Found two people surrounded by vicious beasts. Without hesitation, the warrior joined the fray and fought alongside the priestess and the protector, quickly driving off the foul creatures. For a few moments, the battle seemed to have been won, but then they spotted a second, bigger wave of monsters racing towards them.

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Our heroes saw that their only salvation lay behind the church’s high walls. A fortuitous volley of arrows gave them the cover they needed to get inside safely. As they had expected, there were other people sheltering behind the church’s walls as well. You have finally arrived, sinful souls, and now your journey begins.
To start your journey, choose one of the locations on the map. When the window for the selected location opens, select a difficulty and press let’s go. You can also go to the Church to change the characters in your party, get new quests, or just chat with the characters.

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To move your party, press a tile. The more you explore the location, the more events you’ll find. Each event can have one or several different interaction options.
Some of your actions may alter your sin level. The higher your sin level, the stronger the monsters in the game become. The maximum sinfulness level you can reach is level 5. Since each location belongs to a specific Sin lord, be careful - additional conditions may also increase your sin level.
Battle: your characters are on the left, and enemy characters are on the right. YOur goal is to destroy the enemies before they destroy you! Each character accumulates 1 (one) rage point at the start of their turn. Abilities require certain amounts of rage. On each of their turns, a character can either use one of their abilities or one item from your inventory bag.
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Quests: sometimes characters you have already met and new characters in the Church will ask for your help. When you complete their quests, you will receive a valuable reward. Quest can also be discovered on the location map. Be careful: if you do not complete a quest during your current exploration, you will have to start it over from the beginning next time. You can see all the information about quests you have received in the quests window.

In every battle, you can bring up to 5 items that can be used on a character’s turn instead of an ability. Be careful! Do not bring items that are not usable. Using items does not require rage, and ite,s do not have a cooldown period.

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