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Free hack Sins Raid cheats code list - gold, legendary items, summon hero, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Sins Raid cheat world: the creatures of wild have been corrupted by the powers of Sins. Time to call in some reinforcements. A mighty new hero has come to the gates. Summon the hero from the shop. Remember to deploy your heroes in hero camp. Hero tiers are divided into B, A, S, and SS. The higher the hero tier, the more powerful the hero is. Each hero has an intriguing backstory. Don't forget to check them out.

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Hero talents are now availbale. You cant train and augment the skills of your heroes. SUperior talents futher unlocks new and more powerful skills. Objectives - complete them to claim bonus rewards.

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Hero echelons and dungeon sweep - can be used to quickly obtain hero upgrade resources. Promoting hero to gain more power. Sun script - engraved with the sign of the sun, this is the material for promoting hero levels.

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