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The forest near the town has been occupied by demonized creatures. Go defeat them now!
With excitement and high hopes of the Kingdom, Lucien and his heroic companions begin their journey. It is as though nothing can stop them.

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hack Sins Raid Heroes of Light Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):Use skills: Valiant shield: is a defensive skill, capable of negating Boss's physical damage. Shatter stone - can interrupt Boss's skill. Double tap to quickly unleash it.
Frost Gale - is on AOE skill that can be used to swiftly slay a bunch of minions.
Double click on spells for smart casting.
Valiant - heart's ultimate skill can greatly boost his physical damage resistance.

cheat Step #2: Level up your heroes so you can defeat more powerful bosses. Equip gears on each hero to boost their power. Hero classes: tank, DPS, healer, interrupter.

code Step #3:Defeat eccentric bosses, swipe to maneuver in 3d arenas. Build unbeatable hero legion, participate in solo or Co-op raids. Complete fun daily quests.

Sins Raid Heroes of Light Step #4: Remember: Bosses are immune to: freeze, stuns, silence.
Upgrading the star rank of a hero requires other hero card! However, don't dismantle high quality heroes.
Some monsters will target your allie's backline. Be careful!

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