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On the night of the ominous blood moon. The shikigami’s together with shikigami’s friends Hyaku Shsen fought for peace. At last, they sealed the evil spirits using all their stamina and constructed a barrier to protect the people. The would went through thousands of years of peace. But, the ominous blood moon returned again. Only being in the state peace for too long the people didn’t know that a crisis was coming. Master, only you the wielder of the divine WPN can protect the world! Let’s start a wonderful adventure with the “spirit girls”.

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Press the battle button on the screen and enter the battlefield where the monsters is located. Touch the card picture below the screen and drag it to the battlefield. If you take the middle tower, it’s very advantageous for the offense and defense. In order to occupy the middle tower, the card must first be placed in the center of the screen. Destroy the monster and towers on the battlefield. Then you get the reward box. Select and drag the card to set up the battle deck.

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You may also click on spirit’s icon to use their skills. With new partners joining us, we have more CP against the evil spirits. Let’s hurry up and continue journey. During battle, we can invite our friends’ spirit to help us. Select one spirit to join battle. Click on your friend’s icon for them to help you! Turn the tide of battles with help from allies!
Master, we can receive abundant RWs when we successfully finish achievement missions.
Shikigami Myth wiki
Characters: Kurane (magical mid range support) - the spirit from of an antique Samisen musical instrument. She is famous for her music and singing. Those who have heard her.
Ohakari Blade (magical melee DPS) - a member of the Totsuka priestesses. The youngest sister of the priestesses. She often gabbles like a little child.
Muramasa sword (physical melee DPS) - the human guise of a sword cursed by too many blood soaked battlefields. Though feared by the ordinary people, she is at hea...

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There are still many achievement yet to be accomplished. Let’s keep on working.
After returning to spirit world, my spiritual power gradually started to recover. THe shrine is not far from here. Let’s go! But there might be some evil spirits wandering on the way, we need to get more helpers to join us! You get more benefits with more friend! Try adding more friends. Don’t forget, keep track of official information for bonus events.
mater, your level is quickly advancing. In order for our spirit to follow up, there is a place where we can quickly upgrade everyone’s ability! Osake is our media for upgrading. You could quickly increase the EXP of spirit after using it. Osake can be obtained through hack cheats codes, stories and shops. Once you’ve obtained a certain amount of Osake, remember to get back and upgrade your spirit.
Shikigami Myth tutorial

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