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Year 566, continent of Basel. It was a peaceful and prosperous era. Imperial knight - commander Rachael drove her blade into skull of the high dragon Kunzel. Shouts of victory resonated throughout the continent. The humans have won! Hearing of the new, the dragon tribe rose up in arms. Proclaiming that there would be no peace until the human race is eradicated.
The humans were unable to stem the dragons’ rage. Millions sacrificed their lives on the battlefield. Alas all was in vain. Nobody was safe, hundreds om imperial towns were razed to the ground.

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As a warlock, we could have isolated ourselves and avoided the dragons’ wrath. But our brothers are in need, and desperate times call for desperate measures. It was my master Breeze, the dark necromancer, who traveled to the fallen battlefields. Including knight - commander Rachael. Leading the vanguard, the resurrected hero Rachael defeated many a monster. Yet he had drained too much of my master’s power, and Breeze passed into the ether. As my master slowly faded, he reached out to me. Do not let my efforts go to waste, continue the fight...I am but a weak warlock, and i require the power of heroes beyond my control. Still, Rachael follows my lead. Alas, these mere words are but futile. Now you know what is at stake?

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Advantage in stage to discover hidden artifacts. Artifact provide passive buffs & do not need to be activated. Receive daily attendance rewards and guild level benefits. Use cheat codes, enter the Daily Dungeon, wraith tower, altar, refinery, tomb raid, hatchery, auction, shop, code menu, guid, PvP, dragon raid to gain various rewards. Collect Artifacts for powerful skills, summon legendary pets to support your characters.
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Hints list: Suguri’s special gift - starter package (available for account level 50 or above), package contains breeze’s magic tome. If already own breeze’s magic tome, you will get gems. Collect strong weapons set package, enhanced dark stone, ancient map and medals: 100% chance to obtain set weapons. Obtainable in ancient regions. Ancient regions can be completed in a shorter time than normal regions. Clear normal battle stages to earn gift boxes. Embark on Tomb raid to acquire weapons and bone fragments.

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Characters: Honorary paladin Raul - abandoned to die in the plains of Redford, the imperial knight - commander is known as the only man who has slain a Dragon.
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