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Free hack Sky Island Saga cheats code list - materials, population, gold, promo ticket, speed up, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Sky Island Saga cheat world: tap the magic circle to activate it. A floating island? It was your gem that awakened it. I guess it’s all yours now. It was me who sent you the map. Come, i’ll show you around your island. It’s been so many years. Let’s see if i still remember the way to the adventurers’ hall. I think it’s this way. This was once the greatest adventurer’s society in the world. I swore an oath to wait here until you came of age, to guide you to this place. As for you - you’re destined to be the society’s new captain.

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We need to rebuild this place in order to restore the Society to its former glory, but first we need a roof over our heads. We should start with a house. Drag the house to an empty tile. Tap the green check mark to confirm. You better recruit an adventurer who is good at building. Recruit adventurers for your society. FInd the best talent or the one with the sweetest tongue.

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Remember, every adventurer has their own specialty. Assign them the right tasks and you will do more with less. Builder - responsible for the construction of buildings. The higher the build skill, the faster the building speed. The first house is complete, the first step towards restoring the society. Our house is complete, but food isn’t gonna just to fall out of the sky. We need to build a wheat field.

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We can build a bakery and make some bread. Restoring the floating island to its former glory is proving to be quite the task, but we’ll get it done under my masterful guidance. We have a wheat field and a bakery. Now we can start fulfilling orders and earn some cash.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • You can complete orders to earn rewards. Complete the order and you'll get gold coins.
  • Use diamonds to buy the missing items to complete the task.
  • Population - houses automatically produce gold as taxes. The better your houses, the more gold they produce.
  • Recruit and lead unique adventurers with different styles, traits, and professions all to create the ultimate island society.

Sky Island Saga tips
    Tutorial Sky Island Saga(wiki):
  • Roundy's Cat Palace has a lot to offer.
  • Every adventurer has their own specialty. Check their information page for details.
  • Find a stage you can't enter during a bounty? Check out its hints.
  • Determine how to advance your island as you assign your adventurers, craft items and complete quests.

Sky Island Saga tutorial

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