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Yi Jian is frank pure, positive. He has Qian light power, and borns with martial arts talent. II Sin is always strong, and a long axe shocks the surrounding area, and the enemies entangled by him cannot escape. Nangong was born in a noble family, and the self-righteous Nangong family who covered the sky, has the innate power of the earth and is unstoppable. Un Jeong is a lady; she uses a pair of twin hammers, and she is gorgeous. The enemies are not going to get away. Rio is charming and gunpredictable. He borns from noble family with Xun wind power. Su A is smart, naivety. Her Li fire power is super, like blazing fire light the world. Mu Zhi innocent and romantic. She is mischievous and often makes people laugh. She born with shock thunder power.

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