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Skygalleon of the Blue Sky Game controls: the great blue sea and sky stretch far and wide for time immemorial. Forest island, a floating world of countless islands. In an era when 4 nations and their races fight for control, a battleship roams the sky with pride in protecting its homeland. It’s name os Skygalleon. In the time and place of these 4 great powers, a new history is recorded.
Nations: Seventh union - an alliance nation, long established in magic research consisting of a kingdom and a sovereign territory.
Sarasva kingdom - a lush and nature loving nation governed by elves and werewolves.
Guilty innocent empire - a fast growing constantly evolving world class industrialized nation.
Xerlux Kingdom - an absolute monarchy in a frozen land, shrouded in mystery.

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The untold story of Forest island unfolds in the palm of your hand. You shall become a soldier of the new history era as described by the stone tablets. It’s my job to show you the ropes. Use cards sealed with the power of the gods to join the war for national dominance. Well, let’s get started with a mock battle. In order to fight, first you need a deck. I’ll show you how to build a deck, the most important part of this game. In the 3x3 grid starting from the right, are the front row, middle row, and back row. Cards can only be placed in the middle and back row.

Skygalleon of the Blue Sky cheats, hack codes

A card’s action changes based on its placement. There is a front row, middle row, and back row action. If a card’s HP reaches 0 the card behind it moves up at the end of the turn. Keep this in mind when putting together your deck. Place cards in your deck while keeping the total cost at 30 or lower. The cost is shown at the bottom right of the card. At the bottom left is the level. Use a variety of cards combined with strategy to seize victory. There’s also some cards that can’t be placed in the front row, but you’ll get used to them. Follow the arrow to place “demeter” in the front row.
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Finally, the fight begins. Let’s take a closer look at the cards you’ll use in battle. Take an enemy card to 0 to incapacitate it and win! At - a card’s secret power. Actions based on AT such as healing and damage increase in relation to the AT amount. And AG determines the order in which the cards act. Whether ally or enemy, the highest AG goes first. The number in yellow is the specialty gauge. Act with this gauge set at 0 to see the super strong specialty activate. Attack deals damage to the target card. The card’s action and AT determine the damage.

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