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Free hack Skyline cheats code list - gold, evolve, legendary hero, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Skyline cheat world: in 1908, the great roar of the entire Tunguska chaged the fate...The huge threat that is called "core energy" by later generations has brought endless disasters to people. The disaster gradually erodes the people in the form of sin and erodes the earth in the form of war. Soon, the "origin Sin", known as the source of core energy, came to Earth.

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Faced with powerful civilizations from other planets, conventional weapons are unable to function, and human beings are defeated. But in this desperation, the genius girl Stephanie brought a glimmer of hope. She developed the human type mobile weapon Top arms. Affected by this, humans finally seized the opportunity of counterattack. But as the same time, origin sin has evolved ito a more powerful human form. Humans have not given up hope.

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After installing core energy's debris on the top arms, humans developed the new human type mobile weapon "ace virgin gears". And as the driver of this weapon, the challenge to the origin of Sin is "ace doll"!
The report said that one of original sin - pride broke through the defense net that was built using conventional weapons. She has invaded the atmosphere and is rushing to the surface. The predicted landing site is the UK, London! Ready to attack, approaching the target.

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The ace doll in the left is the leader by default. An echelon is made up by no more than 6 ace dolls. Each attack costs feuls and ammulations. Please make the best use of these resources at hand. You can check the ace doll for each road block on the map.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: some rare ace dolls can be developed only if commander reached level 10. AVGF - the last hope of human,join hands with Ace Doll to defend our common sky!! Eliminate the invading "Sins",no matter how much ahead less difficult,beautiful Ace Doll will be by your side!
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Tutorial Skyline(wiki): Select quick repair and you will have repaired at once at the expense of golden gear. Each type of the resource in need range from 30 to 999. The developmet is done immediately if you use the express development code. If you put in the resources and press development, the new ace doll is in the course of R&D.
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