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After years of searching in vain, our ancestors came upon mount Archeon at the edge of Arinar. Before their astounded gazes spanned a massive rift. They were staring at the gates to a world of magic and knowledge - Skylore. The bravest among them stepped into the unknownm changing Arinar forever. Celestial knowledge surged into our world...and with it the return of magic!
Ancient hero, as you have summoned me now you shall carry out my will, or you shall be sent back to oblivion. SO listen carefully. Your mission is to deliver this manuscript to Bakari the Heresiarch at the temple of Knowledge. Looks like if it wasn’t for my familiar, you would’ve returned to the past prematurely. Empty handed you wouldn’t be much use to anyone. Use the weapon scroll cheats and get ready to hack through spiders.

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Class: mage - a master of the magical arts proficient in a variety of spells. Can conjure illusions and use elemental magic to defeat multiple opponents. Glad in light armor.
Shadow - a wicked killer and adroit shadow magic practitioner. Deals deadly blows while invisible and confuses enemies with its shadow copies. Glad in medium armor.
Guardian - a mighty warrior who summons a ghosty weapon and armor in battle. Can withstand an assault by even the most powerful enemies after drawing their attention away from weaker allies. Glad in heavy armor.
Hunter - a marksman capable of unleashing a hail of ghostly arrows. Can keep the opponent at a distance and summon animal spirits for help.
Alchemist - a master of potions and adherent of long forgotten arts. Can heal allies and weaken enemies with elixir and runes.

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Characters: Noxes (alliance legion) - the white skin of noxes if dappled with mysterious tattoos, and their eyes burn with the flame of arcane knowledge. Many among them are skilled spell casters and alchemists who form the magic aristocracy of the legion. As a passionate race with a great wealth of knowledge, the noxes have earned a reputation as excellent archivists and overseen the creation of the world’s largest libraries.
Humans (alliance sentinels) - humans are known for their resourcefulness and can adapt to any circumstances more easily than other races. Their excellent military training, cheat code and innate discipline have given them a reputation for being skill ful warriors. Humans are also renowned for their mages and scientists, who work diligently to uncover Arinar’s secrets day in and day out.
Goblins - these eccentric natives of technopolis can be distinguished by their sharp minds and entrepreneurial spirit. The goblin’s inventions have an enormous influence on the life of the legion. Drilling devices, robot soldiers, and, of course, explosives: their green skinned engineers are to thank for all these creations. Goblins are also known as capable traders and bankers who capitalize on every deal.
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Elves - these graceful children of the forest live for centuries, which is how they garner their extraordinary wisdom. They prefer to spend the time they have polishing their skills to perfection. The will of elvish druids can lead the earth itself to turn against their enemies or heal elves’ fatal wounds with a stream of restorative energy. Elves are also known for their archers, whose aim cheats codes is always true and deadly.
Muars - prefer to live in swamps and marshes. They are known for their mischievousness and appetite for adventure. These creatures are nimble by nature and adept at camouflage, making them extremely skilled killers and hunters. The most venerated of the muar race and the dream walkers, mysterious shamans able to draw power from the dream world.
Gorrs - through their ancient ritual of union with the earth, the gorrs gained incredible strength and endurance, but at the expense of their human form. These austere mountain dwellers are born warriors, and many of them serve in the legion’s elite guard. Members of the gorrs’ artistic intellectuals are famous for their sculptures. Their works gaze upon the residents of Archeon wherever they go, waiting to exact retribution on uninvited guests.

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