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Game story:
Bellona: Your true name will be mine, Zeus. Give me the scroll!
Zeus: Never! With its power you would control not only me, but the whole Pantheon!
Combat tutorial: Tap or drag to use heroes taunt ability. Unleash Zeus’ power to wipe out your enemies!
Bellona: and we shall deliver it to the great Egyptian Goddess of magic. She has Ra’s true name, and now she will have yours! Farewell, Olympias.
Hercules: they’re getting away! This must be some plot by the Egyptian Goddess of magic to control mount Olympus.

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Bellona said she was taking the True Name scroll to Egypt, start your hunt there. I will return your true name scroll safe and unread. Summon new gods at the altar to make your battles even more exciting. Use the elite summon cheat code. You will have a higher chance to get a more powerful God! I’m always ready to help you. New adventures are waiting for you! Tap heroes’ icon to place him into your formation. Tap on the portrait of Gods to use their abilities!

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Hercules (warrior) - warrior God with strength second to none. The lower his health drops, the harder he hits! Hard to kill and able to deal tremendous damage to foes by hurling giant boulders. Hercules possesses great AoE damage skills that can help you gain the upper hand in the battle.
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God skills: upgrade skills to make your heroes stronger. Achievements - get big rewards for achievements. Level up your equipment and make your god even more powerful! Select the item you need to level up. Tap to upgrade all equipment of the same rank to the maximum level.
In most cases, a rare shield grants immunity to magic damage and a legendary shield grants immunity to physical damage. Use your skills at the right moment to defeat even the most challenging bosses.

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