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Free cheats tools, codes list (andoind/ ios), gift pass, New York City USA engine. Smith Story 2 cheat list, hack tools: 563RLH - gem crystal
IIYkSC - resources
mqJLFy - gold
T208yc - craft material
Si51Jb - evolve
5vPtOB - level up
GOggzX - pet
ERRpOs - legendary equipment
KEHVjI - increase damage
RNNigZ - voucher (coupon)
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Game story: This world has an apocalyptic prophecy, which mentions “waves” that will lead the world to ruin and reportedly appear in, well, several waves. Unless the calamities wrought by the waves are thwarted, the world will end. Each country here has an ancient dragon hourglass which can predict the arrival of the waves. The first wave washed over this country before we were summoned.

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Local knights and traveling adventurers managed to fend it off, but the following waves will be even more potent. The hourglass’s sand will keep tricking as long as the waves keep coming....
Godlike scroll enchants a grace from one of the four gods. Craft: You can sell higher price after combining materials into equipment. Go to workbench and combine normal lumber + metal. Throw in 3 or more random materials and they will be randomly combined. Throw in certain materials can make corresponding items.

Smith Story 2 cheats, hack codes

Pet: If you are attacked by an enemy when you’re carrying a pet, Your pet will strike back. Attack costs pet’s MP and pet’s Mp will recover as time goes by. Hold on the pet to release it. Releasing a pet will leve 1 fragment. Fragments can be used to enhance or evolve pets. The highest you can go is +99! Use a map and click on it in item. You can also drag it to hotkey toolbar for convenience.
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You can buy and sell things in shop! Every shop refreshes randomly in time.
Combat: just tap the screen then you will attack. Click your icon on top left so you can allocate the skill points. If there’s a monster you can’t defeat, go make your equipment stronger or use cheat codes. Click on character icon of the properties page so you can check every stat. When you reach level 30, you can go find mousey to transfer. You can change the item viewing layout in setting.

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1 4WbdB6 upgrade
2 tKUNqE stat point
3 5W6uqk coupon
4 IhhC7Z promo code
5 8z0pXM gift box
6 ZOUHNF gold coins
7 WA0yFZ month card
8 0buwZ8 premium pack
9 1yXlru legendary gear
10 wIKYuS vip ticket
11 sot7h7 gear pack

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
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Oist7d - supply box
C88xYC - treasure chest
LVUPBj - multiplayer
CXU0yC - vip status
T6j5JC - star tokens
Hack UWKofc - artifacts
Cheat RIezEv - evade
Y6Ifi8 - elite ticket
RC1KvW - exchange cheat code

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