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Snake Core Game story: some decades ago, the black duck army, in their quest for world - domination, used uncovered, ancient alien technology to advance their chances of winning the war. Luckily a brave group of stereotypical heroes named gunslugs saved the planet. Even tho the black duck army was defeated by the Gunslugs, the activated alien technology attracted a violent alien race to the planet.
Not giving up on the planet, humanity came together to push back, and various resistance groups popped out of the ground. The most famous, and by far the most effective of them was a group called Groundskeeper.

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Meanwhile scientists figured out how the aliens were sending reinforcements to the planet: an Omega - gate. With a lot of tinkering, and using various bits and bobs of alien tech, they figured out how to operate the technology. A new team was trained with help from the Gunslugs heroes, to bring the fight to the alien planet.
Snake core was born, a group of brave soldiers, ready to step through the omega gate, without knowing what awaits them on the other end. With one clear goal: stop the alien invasion, and defeat what ever is behind this. So welcome, soldier, gear up!

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Regroup and get 15 soldiers back in our ranks! You have about 99 ticks for this mission! Take 9 soldiers with you. Collect soldiers for your army by running at them. Avoid running into walls, electricity and your growing army! The enemy is getting stronger, we need to upgrade our units and improve our soldiers. Collect plasma to power the omega gate and upgrade your gear and get new recruits through the gate.
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Take down all the bombs by running at them, before time runs out! Soldiers are pretty mich frag meat for these missions. But we work with what we got. Attack aliens by running at the aliens to shoot them. The red circled alien increase your combo counter. Just command the direction, your soldiers will take care of the shooting. We’ve send out some protective guards to defend our scientists and their gadgets. Mostly there to make the scientists less jumpy.

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