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Sniper hell king of Dark cheat world: long time ago, man defeated the monster. But did not bring eternal peace! They are only sealed in the dark castle, still spread greed and fear! The warriors stepped into the seal again and again, trying to deport the darkness with torch and sword. But all disapeear into the endless abyss! You will be the savior?
Click on the ground to move. Enter the red area to trigger the fight. Long press the red area will display the monster property.

Sniper hell king of Dark hack

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Activate rune to get a random buff. They will accompany you until the end of the adventure. Each level will get 4 attribute points. You can assign to different attributes. Choose one to learn and learn new skill when your level reaches level 4.

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Skills: bloodthirst - deal physical damage to an enemy and heals you for 20% of that damage. Back to town - back in the cooling time, whether directly back (to become a vip cooling time reduced to 2 minutes). Pet sprite - is a creature with a mysterious power can weakens an enemy unit reducing its damage.

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YOu found a key that you can use to open the locked door. You can only use it at the current floor, and the key disappears when you pass to the next floor. The blacksmith can help you to enhance, enhchant, inlay and even forge equipment. Communicate with him. Death will let you lose all from adventure. But you can choose to resurrect, continue this adventure.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: when the bag is full, that can't continue to explore. Expanding bag get more 5 spaces. The black gold dragon will be the first boss you meet on the loor 5. Be careful! On the floor 5, you should kill the monster occupied gold mine and it will prodvide a continuous gold coin. All items are automatically stored in the storage. You can sell items.

Sniper hell king of Dark tips

Tutorial Sniper hell king of Dark (wiki): use some diamonds to redistribute attributes. The bulk sell button can sell multiple items at once. Click on it, select the items you want to sell, click again to sell all. If you die, you will lose everything (item & experience).

Sniper hell king of Dark hacked

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