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Greetings, Seeker. You should’ve already received the mask. It is a highly advanced prototype that enahnced your capacity in the field and syncs with your equipment. The mask allows you to upload contacts data to the client after each mission. Before we drop you in the designated location, we want to make sure you understand the tech we ve given you. For this purpouse you’ll be taken to a secure training facility hidden in a secluded mountain location. You’re going to perform a series of simple tasks to familiarize yourself with the mask, cheats code and for us to make the necessary adjustments.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts hack

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There’s a hacking weapon nearby, gear up. Take a prone position. First, switch your mask to binocular mode. Now, try to mark the target over there. Tagging enemies allows you to measure the distance to selected targets and keep track of them. Take out your rifle and see for yourself. Compare targets height to DRS display in the upper left corner of your scope. It should tell you, how far away the target is. This system scales up the display according to your current zoom stage. I believe i don’t have to remind you to hold your breath to stabilize your stance (your stamina will drain while holding breath, use cheat code to free stabilize weapon).
Now, shoot target. Aim for the head. Let’s try a greater distance. Notice your mask’s input on distance and wind. It will help you aim. Check the distance and wind direction. Aim along bullet drop curve, where it crosses with correct distance. Fill free to refill your ammo if you’re empty.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts cheats, hack codes

THe shooting range beyond is at your disposal if you want to practice before your first contact. Our hacking facility will always be available for you, should you want to polish your skills in between missions. Pik up one of the weapons to try out different sets of special ammo. Turret and special ammo - this technology will increase your options in the field and allow you to be more creative. While in binocular mode, press H code to tag up to two targets. After aquiring targets for turret press G cheat anytime, to use turret to shoot target.
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Experience pure sniper gameplay across the harsh terrain of modern-day Siberia in a brand new contracts-based system that encourages strategic thinking within engaging, redeployable missions. Contracts delivers tailor-made missions that offer a clear main objective with a fixed monetary reward, and options to complete secondary objectives for bonus payouts. With hundreds of ways to take down a wide range of targets, Contracts offers sniping gameplay at its absolute best.

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