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Free hack Soccer Eleven cheats code list - gold, energy, morale, promo ticket, legendary player, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Soccer Eleven cheat world: welcome to new android game. We are going to go around your club to explain some tasks. Let’s [lace formidable player on your starting lineup. To edit your team press on the image of your starting lineup on the tab team. Formation - in these tabs you can change your formation and players. Change your tactics and play style for the matches.

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And manage your players that you want on your squad. But first of all we’re going to put our franchise player in the starting lineup and prepare your squad. Drag your finger on the bench to look for our crack. Long press on the player and drag it over the player you want to replace it with. Green is the position in which that player is more comfortable yellow and red lowers the chemistry of the player. The more chemistry the players have, and the team as a whole, the better they will play.

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Soccer Eleven hack morale
The players have their own statistics attributes and states. Make sure everything is in an optimal state, as it will significantly affect the game of your team.
We also have to choose a great captain. having a good leader in the field will substantially affect your team functioning as such. Look at the top left number of the players’ cards it will be changed to show the player’s leadership. Now let’s focus on managing your players so they are in top form. Tap on the player.

Soccer Eleven wiki
The player’s file - from here you can manage his status. Here there is information about the player such as his nationality, club and league, which will affect chemistry with his teammates, keep that in mind.Art inc player attributes - here you will see the detailed player attributes and statistics of the matches you have played.Art inc player manage the morale, enegry, injuries - from here you can manage the morale, energy, injuries and train them to have an advantage in the matches. It is very important that everything is in the best conditions since each of these parameters will affect significantly in the game.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • The player is already training. it will take a while to finish the training during which the player can not be used in matches. Use hack code - we will finish the training for freeArt inc finish now
  • Morale energy and health can also be managed from here - Art inc managed morale. To do this you must click on the icon that each one has to its rightArt inc icon. As with training it will take a while to complete, during which you will not be able to play matches if the player is among the 18 called. let's finish it automatically this time.
  • Finally in the player's file we have the possibility to manage the place they occupy in our squad or send it to the collection and free a space for another player.

Soccer Eleven tips
    Tutorial Soccer Eleven(wiki):
  • Opening envelopes will give you consumables that will help keep the squad in shape.
  • These consumables are simple use and there are three types. To change between them press the inventory button. The enhancers will improve some attributes to the player that is given to. The resistance kits automatically recover the energy of a player (if it is individual) or of the players who are in the starting lineup and on the bench (if it is a group).
  • When a player is injured it will take a while to heal. With medical kits you can reduce your recovery time.
  • Now let's give a consumable to a player. To do this press and hold on the consumable and drag it over the player you want to give it to.
  • Your team is ready let's play a match. For this we will need the 18 players that go to the match available and ready.

Soccer Eleven tutorial
Instructions Soccer Eleven: As you see we start in last division. Each one requires a certain number of minimum CUPS to be able to play. The higher the division the more coins it will cost to play(use hack cheats code - unlimited coins). You will have 30 seconds to adjust your tactics and formation before starting. As you can see we have 4 different playstyles: defend, flat out, attack and entry. Each one has pros and cons. Choose wisely because the playstyle will be active for a while and you won’t be able to change it while it’s active.

Yourteam is working flat out this will add a bonus to all of their stats but they will get tired much more quickly. If you force your players their performance will be affected and they could break.

One of your players have been injured! This player will remain on the field but his performance will drop considerable. Let’s change him for a teammate. Tap on exchange. Hack Note Soccer Eleven:when you ask for a substitution you will have to wait until the match have a pause such as a foul a goal or a half time break. Meanwhile, the injured player will support the team as best as he possibly can. Drag a teammate from the bench to the position of the injured player to swap them. When you are managing your players in a match you will have a limited time to do so.

When you win, you’ll get a pack, double the amount of coins bet and the corresponding cups of the division you’re playing. The pack given to you for winning the match or use hack cheats code will take a while to open although you can open it immediately of you pay a small price.

But first of all we will recover the player who has been injured. Both to train and to recover players you can do it from the empty slots.

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