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Cheat Soccer Manager 2021 hack android, ios code

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Hack Soccer Manager 2021: cheat List
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How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
The main home screen of SM21 - this screen shows essential information such as your next fixture, an overview of your facilities, your league table, and the spotlight and special offers. Use the menu button in the top left to explore the different menus. Use the continue button to advance through the season. The task list shows important notifications and tasks for you to complete as a manager. You can use the help buttons throughout the game for more information about each screen. Swipe left and right to navigate through the different screens.
Soccer Manager 2021 Hack Basics
The training facility allows you to manage your squad's training regime, upgrade your training center, set the number and focus of drills. You can also view reports of your players' growth and training progress here. The training 3d view screen allows you to view your training facility, and to build and upgrade your training buildings. Use your cash to upgrade the training facility and gain bonuses to the effectiveness of your training.
Hint & Tips
1. The tactics section allows you to set up your tactics for your club including formations, play styles and player roles. You can also view important information about upcoming fixtures. You can create your own tactical setups and save them here.
2. Chemistry cheat is the psychological interaction between players, which influences how well the team works together. A higher chemistry increases the effectiveness of the team.
3. Boosts hack allow you to instantly increase a player's fitness, morale or chemistry. They also instantly reduce a suspension or an injury. Use boosts code to give your team an advantage. You can acquire boosts by buying them in the shop or receiving them from free packs.
4. Formations dictate how your team will position themselves on the pitch.
5. You can choose from the preset positions, or drag and drop your players around the pitch to create a custom formation.
6. Player roles dictate each player's play style on the pitch. Tap on player when in player role mode to cycle through different player roles.
7. The save tactics option allows you to save your tactic settings to your 3 custom tactic slots. You can also load your preset tactics by selecting them from the formations box.
Soccer Manager 2021 Abilities
Training managers specialise in training their players' to reach their potential. They know how to train their squad more effectively and get the most out of their training programs. Training managers can gain bonuses to the training facility and player growth.
Tactical managers are master tacticians. They know how to use their players' abilities to maximum effect and how to change tactics to respond to the situation. Tactical managers can gain bonuses relating to tactics and player performance.
Suit managers are experts with finances. They know how to optimise cash flow, use budgets effectively and to strike a good deal. Suit managers gain bonuses relating to finances and budgets.
Soccer Manager 2021 Club Zone
The club zone facility allows you to control and upgrade various revenue and financial elements of your club, including merchandise, TV revenue and more. You can also choose a sponsorship, which boosts your income throughout the season. The club zone 3d view allows you to view your club zone facility, and to build and upgrade your club zone buildings. Use your cash to upgrade your club zone to boost income and improve player health and fitness.
The stadium builder allows you to upgrade each stand of your stadium, adding more capacity and attracting more fans.
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