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It was a sunny day in the middle of summer. Strong gusts of wind swirled through the sky. The trees swayed, and their leaves rustled. Sofia & Jack, along with their trustworthy friends Jojo and Scarlet, are enjoying their day. Suddenly, a red and yellow hue was cast over the blue sky and green forest. The forest is on fire! The fire is spreading fast! Quickly, prepare yourself firefighter! We need water to fight off these flames. DOn't worry! There is a firehose inside our fire truck, but we need your help to power it.

Sofia & Jack Forest Heroes cheats, hack codes

1. mJ65Xgyw - ability points
2. CMvFSGt0 - gold coins
3. Enter 1laoH5CY - tier up
4. Pass NJF1VHOh - unlock heroes
5. Z7Vdp4Mx - speed up x 10
6. Enter E7K5oB58 - maximum upgrade
7. 5tS8XPpJ - power up
8. t713S7zQ - gems
9. VS1wqOvm - booster
10. SpPhuD2r - game coupon code

Controls: use your finger and tap anywhere on the screen to shoot water out. Keep pushing back the fire! Coins are gifts from the forest. You can use them to increase your water power. Spend coins to upgrade your firehose. Let us rain down on those nasty flames and snuff them all out! Great job! Close cheat code tab and return to the forest. I can feel your strength increasing already. Character list - tap here to unlock another firefighter to assist you. Hero will back you up on this quest by automatically shooting out water bullets.

Basics Sofia & Jack Forest Heroes hack tools: you have accumulate so many coins. Remember, you've got to expend to expand. Tap hero attributes to upgrade it. I've prepared some gifts to help you get started. Achievement - remember to check back here often for more beginner task. You will get amazing rewards when passing through new stage.
You earned an ability point? Tap "character upgrade" and i will tell you how to use it. This is tha ability screen. Select one and see what it does. Squirrels on wheels - this ability is good for now, but you can make it even better. Tap on the cheat code button to upgrade it.

Ability: squirrels on wheels - Sofia whistle and 10 speedy squirrels friend will come to her aid. Lucky shot - Sofia's basic attack now have 10% chance to become a critical hit. Downpour - Scarlet call out to her owls friend! They'll soar through the sly and pour waters down. These water contain a layer of coolant that repel fire, which make it 600% easier to extinguish the fires for 8 seconds! Make haste - Scarlet splash her waterbucket at a nearby fire, then encourage a friend to move quicker.

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Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Remember to upgrade hero to get her up to speed.
  • 2. Game Description: deep in the forest, trees are burning. The flora and fauna, even local tribes are in danger. Help Sofia & Jack heal the wounds. Take advantage of your high morale and save the forest. Many super abilities and minions are here to help. Join us now and become forest heroes.
  • 3. Remember you can use your cheats to UPGRADE your Firehose and don't forget to keep earning ability points.

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