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2046, BW Research lab, coop island. Dr. Y believed that so long as he added the dosage, the experiment would succeed. The experiment failed. Chicken X-3 has undergone a strange mutation! To think Chicken X-3 has the ability to control weapons! Chicken x-3 has become one of the most lethal weapons in the world. Dr. Y has gathered his army with only one goal - catch Chicken! X-3 now has control of all the weapons on the island. It’s ready to fight!

Soldier Defenders hack

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Commander, build a turret to defending incoming enemy! Drag turrets together to compose them into high level one. Compose a 3rd level weapon and drag it to the battlefield, strengthen your defense! Turrets in the battlefield can also be composed. New slot - you have more ways to fend off enemies now, buy and place a new turret there.

Soldier Defenders cheats, hack codes

Your machine gun turret can be upgraded. Click the machine gun turret to enter the operation interface. LMG - very high attack speed, relatively high attack damage. Upgrade Slot to have more defense position. The shop has been developed. We have prepared a gift for you. Egg - click for free to get rich rewards. Remember to come here often. You got enough building shards, go and upgrade it. Click builder to enter the operation menu.
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Upgrade builder can upgrade the basic level of turret construction. Upgrade defense: activate turrets with higher power! Low rarity turrets can be more powerful, sometimes! Deploy your weapons to suitable slots and move them during battle to greatly increase your damage.

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