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Free hack Somnia cheats code list - health potion, legendary weapon, gold, promo ticket, food, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Somnia cheat world: welcome to new android game! You will explore, solve puzzles and fight countless monsters in this rogue like game. But first you need food! CHeck the bushes to the east. Always keep an eye on your food supplies. Moving around costs food so choose wisely where to go. Walking through a desert or deep snow is more difficult and thus will cost more food.

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You will meet people and explore various locations such as towns, mines and deep caves. Interesting places or persons are marked with a question mark. Interacting with people or interesting locations is done through dialogs. You will usually have several choices how to proceed. Choose your answer by tapping on them. Sometimes part of the text might be highlighted. Pay extra attention to it as it might be the clue you need to solve a puzzle or escape death in a trap.
Often you will be able to use your main attributes in a dialog. This is indicated with an icon: hammer for strength, magnifying glass for perception, book for intelligence and horseshoe for luck. The higher the attribute the higher the chance for success. Don’t worry that you failed the check. Nothing bad happens to you now. But outside of the tutorial the world is a lot more dangerous so be careful!

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Previously your attributes were tested with some randomness included. But there might be cases where to pass a check you must have a certain value of attribute. When you are able to gain advantage using a strong attribute, it will be indicated with a special tag in orange color. Remember than whenever you get a reward or are injured you will be informed with a notification. Tap on it to dismiss it faster.

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YOur progress is only saved at certain points of the game, such as when you enter a new map. Sometimes you will be able to save your game manually. Look for a mysterious circle of stones to the west. Not everyone you meet is friendly. Sometimes you will have to fight. As you will see, most fights can be won quite easily, but that not all that matters. It is important to defeat your enemy as quickly as possible so he has little chance to injure you. When you are injured you will have to rest to regain health or find a healer - which might be difficult or costly.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • When you fight you will be presented with a grid of squares of different colors. You attack your enemy by choosing two squares anywhere on the grid. When you do so, they swap their position.
  • Once the squares change positions, they will destroy all other neighboring squares of the same color. You do damage based on the number of squares destroyed.
  • Each precise hit will increase your combo meter which gives you bonus damage to your next hit. A hit is considered precise if the swapped squares are of different color and each destroyed at least tow other squares.
  • If your hit is not precise your combo will reset completely! maintaining your combo is very important especially against difficult enemies.

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    Tutorial Somnia(wiki) :
  • Speaking of enemy difficulty: the easiest enemies are animals and slimes. Goblins and other humanoids are stronger, but the most dangerous enemies are skeletons and demons. keep that in mind!
  • When exploring you must choose your path wisely. The same applies to choosing your opponents.
  • You may find treasures on your journey. Usually they are locked in chests which need to be unlocked. Opening locks to gain access to valuable stuff is an important skills that you will need.
  • To open a lock you need to guide the blue ball into a circle frame also of blue color. You will have limited time and number of attempts to do it.
  • Some locks will have red squares guarding the circle frame. YOu must avoid them at all costs.

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