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Hold to charge. Release when GO is displayed! Tap rapidly the final dash! When a stage is cleared, the flag of its top ranked country/ region will be displayed. The top ranked country/ region is the one with the highest point total amount the top 100 players of that stage. Challenge other players with your results and earn extra TP. Tap the send challenge button. Select a badge and title: tap the collection button below and select a badge and title to show off to other players.

Sonic at the olympic games hack

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Long jump: try to time your claps just as the ring enters the red zone. Jump just high enough to clear the hurdles. For maximum speed, don’t jump too high. Egg springs send you hurtling vertically, slowing you down. Tap again while jumping a hurdle for an extra speed boost. Try experimenting with different timing to get the best start dash. And remember, attacking consumes stamina.

Sonic at the olympic games cheats, hack codes

There are 4 types of hurdles of varying height. Add friends, send the challenges and see who’s the best! Check out your title from the collection screen. Unlocking SP actions for characters can also earn you badges. The scores from your 3 throws are added together for your total score. Drag and release over the reload panel at the bottom of the screen to reload and center your aim. Aiming and shooting - hold and drag to aim. Release to shoot.
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Shoot all clay targets. Each one missed will be counted as a miss. The game will end when you miss a total of 3 clays or the time limit runs out. Sport climbing - drag in the opposite direction of a hold and release to jump. If your SP gauge activates just before the timer runs out, play time can be slightly extended. Sp multi lock-on: activates a bonus round. Hold and drag across multiple. Clays to lock on to them before firing. Failing to shoot a clay while SP shot is activated will not count as a miss.

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