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Dark times have come, the magic islands are in danger. Evil wizards and withces rise and come together to bring the world into darkness. Find the first wizard! Only he is able to stop the vil powers!

So many things happened here! Witch Eris destroyed the Estate and kidnapped your parents. She wanted to cast a spall on me, but she missed. The spell caught my tail. So now i’ll a talking cat. Your parents are wizards. I managed to save your mom’s magic wand. Your parents traveled all around the magic world. They were looking for the sun magic that filled the wand with power. The sun magic will help us get the Estate back in order.

Sophie’s Mystery Adventure hack

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We won’t ever clear all this trash on our own. Not enough suns? Set out on expeditions, get more suns, restore the estate. You can always buy magic power and magic spheres at the store. Use magic power to remove stones from the road. You can use your powers in magic world, but not in yours. Only the magic of the sun works there. The magic islands will share it with you. You can also find magic power in gift boxes.

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Sophie’s Mystery Adventure hack decorations
Cut down a few trees to get wood and fix the bridge. TO get to the stash, you need to break the ice blockSophie’s Mystery Adventure ice block.Use the key Sophie’s Mystery Adventure key to open the chestSophie’s Mystery Adventure chest. Ask the archivist Sophie’s Mystery Adventure archivist where to find the first wizard from the letter. You’ll need the magic of the crystals hidden inside rare objectsSophie’s Mystery Adventure rare objects. You’ll easily recognize them by their magnificent glow.

Sophie’s Mystery Adventure wiki
You’ve collected enough crystals for the magic sphere! Use the magic sphere to remove any obstacles from your way in an instant. Tap the portal to travel to another location.
Oliver’s idea seemed crazy, but Sophie didn’t know what else they could do. SO she decided to look into a mysterious mailbox Sophie’s Mystery Adventure mailbox that stood in the middle of the forest. In the box there was an invitation to the sorceress initiation ceremony for Sophie with 3 tats. The first one read: “look into the magic mirrors”

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  • 1. dqAINgIdMpi9WeD - suns
  • 2. jP07Y9ioNszpkmM - magic power
  • 3. hSsUNj0ovThvE5H - energy
  • 4. G3Il0N5MBHLDOV9 - promo code
  • 5. WzZrEMo4YX3jGaC - gold
  • 6. HKgoirX80MGivE1 - decorations
  • 7. YufxqO4XN44c4mk - gem crystal (diamonds)
  • 8. zXrdV4vVojFfthz - premium pack
  • 9. vOcBEKAwaVzOatV - chest
  • 10. X8kbFRUxqyNJInv - vip ticket

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Cut down grass to repair the grass bridge.
  • The time for the expedition is not limited.
  • To restore the estate you need suns.
  • In expeditions magic power restores with time.
  • set out on expeditions, find all chests, get a unique decoration.

Sophie’s Mystery Adventure tips
Tutorial Sophie’s Mystery Adventure(wiki):
  • Wizard - the creator of this world! You need to meet him to understand your powers and learn how to use them.
  • You can always buy magic power and magic spheres at the store or use hack cheats code.
  • Dreamarium, Crystal Plain, Dusk Wilds, and many more. Each MAGIC WORLD truly stands out.
  • Each character has a PERSONALITY. Everybody is cute here, even the villains.

Sophie’s Mystery Adventure tutorial

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Sophie’s Mystery Adventure tips to repair
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