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Free hack Soul Saver cheats code list - yellow souls, evolve, relic, promo ticket, ghost token, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Soul Saver cheat world: the demons have been sealed in nine king ghost temple. It is our duty to seal all the evil spirits of the world as master told us to. Everyone, seal all ghosts in various places through the world. YangAk murdered the master and the elder brother. When the seal was broken, the monsters ruined the world. It is priority to restore the lost power using the monster’s soul!

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Defeat the monster and seal the souls. Become stronger using seal wealth to reach the higher stage where YangAk is. Proceed tutorial quests from the quest menu. You can manage heroes. Level up the hero. The higher level, the stronger. Look up the important information of idle game bu clicking “take a look” button.

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Auto sweep in absence - it plays by itself until the reachable stange even when the game is closed. You will receive the rewards when you play the game again. Increase game speed - hack game speed from item shop menu. Touch player skill menu icon to change or manage player skill. Promote hero - the more stars the hero has, the stronger. YOu can promote your character with hero card or hack cheats. Promotion increases all stats of the hero. Level and enhancement level will be remained.

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You can place the hero only to the empty slot. To get 1 star character, you need 5 hero cards in inventory. Player skills are 5 types in total. And you can check skill details of flame, ice rain and hell of sword by touching the skill information. You will obtain 1 player stat point when player level is up. You can enhance the buff with it. When resetting a hero, 100% of the ghost stones used to enhance the hero will be retrieved.

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