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The horn of the battle has blown, we have to retake the base! Let’s try to know the basic operation. I believe that you will be a qualified general who will command a million troops.
headquarters is a prerequisite for the construction and upgrade of other buildings. Upgrading the headquarters can unlock more combat troops and permissions.

Soul Tank Guardian Home hack

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The chariot is the most important war resource, which can improve combat effectiveness and ensure the duration of the battle. Click chariot factory - let’s first produce a batch of thanks.
Choose a chapter to experience the battle first. The customs chapter can get various rewards and rare items. Choose the level to be challenged, try it out. Click start, the battlefield matchup immediately. The battle process can be skipped.

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1. Z9gftpFBWa - level up
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Succesful to challenge the first chapter. Congratulations on getting a lot of spoils. Click to receive the mission reward! Upgrade the headquarters level to get more surprises!
I will guide you on how to quickly get the resources. First, use hack cheats code. Second, lucky lottery - all players who log in the game everyday can get a free lucky draw chance (the item has been released to your backpack).
Soul Tank Guardian Home wiki
Small resource package - get the 1 million of iron, petroleum and aluminium mines, 200k of crystal and alloy. British medal - can be used to improve commander level. You can get it from the chapters, daily missions. Leadership manual - there is a certain chance to increase the leadership of the commander and increase the level.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Become vip and get more queues and production speed bonuses.
  • Configure the formation to improve combat efficiency, follow the guide to learn how to set up the formation.
  • Click the biggest combat power to configuration the strongest lineup! Click to change, save the current battle array settings.
  • After the array is successfully saved, you can give it a name so that ir will be easier to be used.
  • Winning or losing judgment:
    1. attack in turn, attacking each troop once per round.
    2. 40 rounds destroy all the enemy's troops and win the battle.
    3. 40 round are not determined to win, then the defense side wins.

Soul Tank Guardian Home tips
Hack cheats tutorial Soul Tank Guardian Home(wiki): Munition card - activate the quartermaster card, get gold coins immediately, and then get an additional resources per day. Activate once and sustainable receive 30 days gold coins (including the same day) for a maximum of 2 consecutive activations.
1.Gold coins that are not received on the same day will not be retained. Please log in to receive it.
2. The day of the activation can receive the rebate.
3. Activate the military demand card to increase VIP experience, but not counted in recharge activities.
Soul Tank Guardian Home tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Soul Tank Guardian Home: gold, gift box, storm tank, credits.

Attack order:
1 re-determine the attack order every round. It is determined by the first hand value.
2. The first hand value is different, the one with the first hand value is the first to shoot.
3. When the first hand value is the same:
- when attacking the chapter, resource points, supply lines, military exercises, attackers firs shot.
- when attacking others’ base, the resource points, defending party first shot.
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