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Your brain is in a blank state and you can’t remember anything. There’s this bizarre creature in front of you, starting at you non stop. How the heck someone like you get chosen by “master”. Even though i don’t know why “master” continues to summon losers like you, i will not let worthless weaklings pass through here. I, “cardboard box king” Tubby, will be your next opponent! Defeat the arrogant Tubby! Destroy its guardian! Summon units on both sides!

Soul of Eden hack

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Uhh, darn it, no wonder the “master” chose you. Don’t think you’ve won already! There are loads of people who are just as good as you in the “Eden Coliseum”. Even though i really don’t want to admit, you do indeed have a knack for commanding armies. Master has ordered me to take you to “combat instructor” Tubby for training.
Instructor here is very excited to train an upcoming star like you! You must be hyped up to receive the training as well, right! I’ll train you with everything i got! Let us begin the combat training!

Soul of Eden cheats, hack codes

Launch a powerful attack: learn how to use guardian skills. First - need to eliminate the healing units. That was a splendid attack! Looks like you didn’t defeat the “cardboard box king” because of luck! Although attacking is important, if you can’t properly protect your guardian, you won’t be able to win your matches. Here’s a quick quiz; when the enemy sends out a large army to attack you, what should you do? Let me teach you the proper wat to set up your defenses.
Soul of Eden wiki
Wait for the enemy to get closer. Battle in front of a guardian. Use your guardian’s attack to help you defend. Deal with the ranged units first. Utilizing the guardian’s attack to defend is quite an important technique in battle. Don’t forget that when you are fight on the enemy’s side of the field, you’re also getting attacked by the enemy’s guardian. Evaluate the situation carefully before you act!
There are some exceptionally powerful legendary units in the Eden coliseum. If you can utilize their abilities well, you can turn the tides of battle in an instant.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features: That’s it for the training courses “master” requested. However, it appears that you still want to learn some more. If you are suddenly interested someday, don’t forget to visit instructor Tubby again.
Soul of Eden tips
Hack cheats tutorial Soul of Eden (wiki):
AP strafing - in the horizontal cast range, deal damage to enemy units and they take 50% more damage. Duration 3 seconds.
Remember, if you want to increase your strength or get to know other factions, you can find Tubby in the center for military tactics. I5Midy - unlimited mana
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