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A land that was beloved by the great gods, and thrived in peace. The blessed world Armes. However, such peace and prosperity which seemed to last forever. Suddenly reached its end when the great Gods fell.
When the entire world was filled with despair and chaos that was caused by the fallen Gods. A prayer of a Goddess to protect the land of armes began to spread across the world.
The desperate prayer of the Goddess reached to those who had great souls. And they responded to call of the Goddess, gathering.

Soul Seeker R hack

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Hero select: Master of swords Zeke - siegfried, who left the tower of Eternity by following the shining road paved by the Goddess, finally arrived at Armes, the new continent of adventure. His biggest goal is to bring peace to the world under the name of justice. To achieve this goal, he raised his sword to fight again the devils who are trying to threaten the future of the continent.

Knight of glory Iris - came to armes, the new continent of adventure, by following the voice of the Goddess. After seeing the land of armes falling to chaos by the demon kings and their followers, she didn’t hesitate a second to draw her sword to fight against the devils.

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Skill information:
Raider’s Fang - quickly created powerful waves of attack up and down, causing serious damage to the enemies within a certain range.
DEF down - reduces enemy’s defense with a certain probability.
Astral cross - cut the opponents with a strong force, dealing powerful damage to the enemies.
Atk power down - reduce enemy attack power with constant probability.
Soul Seeker R wiki
I’ll teach you a lot of things so you could save this world from its downfall! This is the adventurer’s Shelter which is located in the continent of Armes. You can do all kinds of activities such as preparing for a battle of purchase items at the shop. But first of all, let’s go to the world map and get ready for and adventure. Let’s go an adventure to the forest of silence touch the area on the world map. You can also touch the retry button to start the stage all over again. You can receive a reward for finishing the forest spirit quest.

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Soul Seeker R gift codes, hack, note.

Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • Press obtain rewards to gather your gifts. The rewards will be sent to your mailbox. By gathering your quest rewards you have progressed to the next quest!
    Be careful! you can only progress to the next quest after you have obtain the rewards for the previous quest.
  • We have met new partners during our adventure. Let's see who we met by clicking on the team setting menu! We have met a new hero, Yuni! She has the ability to support her allies. Touch the + button at the hero list and assign Yuna to your team!
  • If you click on the button with the magnifying glass you can move to the detailed information menu.
  • If you touch the hero that you want to use for enhancement it will be put into the enhance material slot! You can see how the attributes of your hero will change by looking at stat window!

Soul Seeker R tips
Hack cheats tutorial Soul Seeker R(wiki):
If you have enough gold, you can just press enhance to make your hero stronger, or use codes bOWyeWRcY6.
If you use a hatzling with the same type as your hero, your hero can gain more experience.
A friend’s hero is waiting at the next area to give you some help on your journey. There are a lot of strong enemies at this area, so i think we should need more help from our friends. Let’s get some help from other adventurers who are going on their own journey in this world. Touch the + button at the hero list and assign your friend’s hero. You could receive more help if you have a lot of friends or use hack code.
Soul Seeker R tutorial

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Unfortunately, the enemies were a bit too strong for us and our adventure turned out to be a failure! But as you know, true heroes never give up! You can also enter the assign team menu to form a strong team of heroes. Every heroes have a type of their own. The types include fire, ice, forest, light and darkness. Each types has their own strengths and weaknesses! These types will affect damage and accuracy during battle. Soul Seeker R Activation code:
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