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Game mechanics: a land filled with heroes and their teams of monsters. Navigate the map by tapping on various points of interest. Try moving by tapping on the chest on the left. Try moving by tapping on the chest on the left. Chests usually contain rewards, so it’s almost always a good idea to pick them up. Try tapping on the single sword icon to the right and let’s start your first battle. On the left side of your screen is Fiona, one of our many heroes, and she need your help investigating what is going on with her village.

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Fiona, and other heroes like her, provide bonuses to the monsters on their teams. They do not actively participate in combat. Her companion, Fang, and others are better suited for that. Different heroes have different abilities and bonuses that they provide their teams. It’s in your best interest to expand your roster of heroes and monsters to make the best teams possible. Heroes provide your monsters with various bonuses and effects. Select a hero that you would like to join your team.

Soulite Monsters cheats, hack codes

For more information, press and hold down your finger on the hero’s portrait until their information shows up. If you need help understanding what you’re seeing, press the I button on the lower right. Pick one from this set of rare monsters. Remember, tap and hold down on their portrait for more information. If you’re ever in doubt as to what to do next, there’s always that big button on the lower left of your screen.
Congratulations on obtaining your first building, the tavern. As the owner of this particular building, you will regularly take a cut from any profits it generates. Just tap the coin floating above the building.
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You can improve the rate at which you can earn coins by upgrading it. Scrolls open portals for expeditions, each containing wondrous treasure, and deadly monsters. Tap and hold down on the scroll to pick it up. Drag it over to the portal selection box on the left. The monster hut enables you to perform monster merging. You can now combine different monsters and something new may pop out.

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