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It wasn’t good at first, but i like it as time goes by. Roco town is a good place. The world has changed completely. That’s the reason, the Great Void, which has changed the world. It had caused for no reason 15 years ago. When the great void reached this world, most of civilization as we know it was wiped out. What’s improved is just how to kill a monster and how to survive somehow. And after the great void, something strange began to happen in the world. Creatures from another world have been appearing all over Cloudream. You must have seen it.

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The great void cheats codes not only just had suck everything nearby but also something had come out from the Great void hack has begun to create monsters. Fortunately, it has not sticked to human. Althrough there was one case in which a human have become a Souljunk. It was known as a corpse became a Souljunk. To be sure, they are hostile to humans. And just like a well written cheat code script of the god, people who has the power can agains to the creatures from another world began to appear from the Great void. These humans have supernatural powers that are completely unknown to use.
All humans brought into the hack world by the Great void have these special abilities. But we don’t know the reason for this either. We can only assume it has something to do with the Great void. We call these people Soulforcers.

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Soulforcers are the most important part of the Starry forest league, but unfortunately there aren’t many of them. But thanks to their diverse powers, we’re no average army. SO...when something changes are detected in the Great Void that is currently dormant, we move to secure the Soulforcers even if there is a big sacrifice. That’s also how we found you shortly after you fell out.
Look at left panel first. It looks like a story guide, but it’s called a quick guide. You’d better to equip a stronger soul weapon now, use hack cheats codes nDCIc7. The maze ahead of us is a dangerous place. Touch the icon in the top right corner to open your equipment inventory. Touch a cheat category and you’ll see a legendary equipment list.
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By touch the equipment code, you can see the information and equip or unequip. You can see a detail information. Equipment is important. You should keep them up best condition. Equip all relatively good equipment at once by auto equip button. Don’t forget to check out equipment by yourself even if you use the auto equip, since each of higher grade equipment might has different stat values.
In nearby the Maze entrance, SFL operation system will be auto activated. A maze list is displayed that matches the level of the soulforcer.

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There are Soulforcers who have even greater powers than the others. We call them Soulworkers. Unlike ordinary soulforcer, they emit huge waves of energy. That is the power to overwhelm even the soulforce to transcend human power. Soulworker cheat code can quickly destroy dozens of clumsy Soul junk. Currently in Starry Forest league, there are only two soulworker except you, but their influence is absolute. Grace city is alive and well and people’s lives are maintained because the two soul walkers belong to the starry forest league. SO that’s why our star forest league has been searching for soul worker. Due to the threat of soul junk that attacks endless attacking, people’s lives were destroyed and mankind was on the path of extinction. At that time, new Soulworker hack was the only hope. 1MltEm - jewels
5BHZwd - gift pack
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