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Space Egg Ships cheat world:
Eggshells - in a universe full of oviparous beings, eggshells have become the most abundant material. The evil empire is aware of this and has build a massive army in almost no time. The galaxy belongs to them now.
But there’s still a chance to fight them. Eggshells are not that hard. And the new dash drive technology brings hope to the last egg carton of the rebel fleet. So, let’s crash some eggs!

Space Egg Ships hack

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This is your hack cheat egg ship. The last remaining weapon between the empire and us. Let’s learn the basics: touch card, now touch combo button. The number and the arrow on the card tell you the distance and direction that your ship will move. Thanks to dash engine, your egg ships can pierce other egg ships.

Space Egg Ships cheats android, ios hack codes

Space Egg Ships hack month card
The diagonal cards are very useful in destroying enemy ships to collect gold. Mine - better not touch them, but we can shoot them! Use this card - the red one with a little flame at the bottom!
There are a lot of special cards! Reds are single use cards, but you can get permanents special cheat code cards each time you raise the level of your ship.
Space Egg Ships wiki
We always need to reach the blue platform to return to the safety of our egg carton. You have a supply box from your last hack. Let’s open it and get gold, diamonds, mega magnet - these card are super powerful, but can only be used once (attracts each gold that is within its reach). Shock wave - a powerful explosion that destroys everything in his reach. Electrolysis pulse - shoots a bunch of laser to all enemies at reach. These lasers can go through any obstacles!

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5 RKpQ3Y4I6jZmM5G gift box
6 6ZFCkg15q5lRNES gold coins
7 7hu2VwXLgmgIrqw month card
8 5BF7P7GGpddzcsb premium pack
9 DSTMupjILJH6Eet chest
10 A9iB5UqIIsbilxa vip ticket
11 SAPlJaYgHwsDh50 supply box

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • We must play first the "story mode" to unlock more ships and game modes.
  • If we want to reach the end of mission and meet the objectives, we'll have to improve the range of egg ship.
  • Movement cards - these are the fuel and engine of your ship. Manage them carefully.
  • Unlocked special cards - every egg ship has its own special cards. Get XP points and level up your ship to get more.
  • Single use - this bag is shared among all your characters. Contains powerful single use special cards that can come from any egg. Open supplies boxes to get more!
  • You can get enchantments and learn how to use them in the enchantment canon window.

Space Egg Ships tips
Hack cheats tutorial Space Egg Ships(wiki):
Locked special cards - each time you level up your character, you have a chance to unlock them.
Touch the pause button to take a look at the main and secondary goals.
You can always check what any card does (touch for 2 seconds).
Area bomb - destroys everything inside his radius.
Fighter -reliable and versatile, made for attack with a mid range default movements.
Space Egg Ships tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Space Egg Ships: gold, gift box, cards, XP points.

Space Egg Ships tips to repair
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