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Captain, i detect multiple life forms in your area. There is also a weird man made structure with specifications resembling a transporting devise of sorts. I’ll keep monitoring the planet as you progress. All items you pick up will be added to your deck of cards. And as we say on Eridani: it will increase your chances in life’s card game.

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Some cards, like the card you just played, have an infinite use and are not bound by the laws of the deck sorting. These special cards will show up in your hand when usable. Check for the infinity sign in the top right corner. That card you just played has some turns left, this will be put in your inventory - deck for your next fight. Damaged items 0 they might still work fine. It could backfire and hurt you, so better watch out using those in battle.

Space Grunts 2 cheats, hack codes

Cards: Tricorder - detects statistics on entity being scanned, costs one turn. Fists - grab or activate object (deal 1 damage). Crowear - deal 2 damage 1 defence. Infection - if opponent dies, all nearby alies of this type will lose 4 hp. Ammo box - replace current hand with attack cards. Signal bomb - generates noise, attracting aliens. Boring - 30 percent chance of turning your enemies to sleep. Calming - angry creatures will calm down near you. Dispensor - decreases chances of aliens smelling your location.
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Picking up items, and taking down creatures really helps to improve myself. Old teleport station is still functional. We can use these coordinates to transport you if you play your cards right. Scanners show an obstruction near your location. It looks like a locked door with an electronic mechanism. See if you can find sort of key card to open them.

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