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Long time no see Luna. I have a problem with my stars. It’s a simple matter, can you fix it? When the mission are completed, i will reward you. The equipment is not good for completing the mission, but there is no problem, keep your promise.
You can create new equipment by bringing a golden bar made of pieces of a falling star during your engagement with your enemies.

SpaceRuler hack

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Anomaly has been detected on the planet. Quickly perform your mission. Missions complete only then can the next planet open.
Touch anywhere on the screen to automatically fire weapons and move avatars. Efficiently perform your tasks with a variety of special skills. These items are only available in stores.
Try to activate the generating machine gachar.

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Check out the different features in inventory. Strengthen your weapon. it’s gonna help us carry out our mission. Destroy every enemy that appears successively and get a perfect score. The perfect number is an important goal in carrying out the mission.
Try to change or upgrade the weapon type by acquiring the weapon item during the mission.
SpaceRuler wiki
You have to pick up the energy tank and replenish it. Because energy is reduced when flying. During the task, press button to attempt special skills. All this is available at the store. The character is completed with five units parts. Upgrade your weapon skill even more! Enjoy the character in AR mode!
Game description: a new world of 3d flying shooting game! Get excited with simple operation.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Enjoy amazing 3D battles with simple operations on your mobile platform. Explore the unknown planet and solve your mission with cool outfits and technology upgrades.
  • At each stage, the stage director will welcome you and be overwhelmed by the skills of a powerful stage director. Challenge the stage director.
  • Weapon upgrades and equipment upgrades can reach farther planets.
  • use cheats and gift rewards: unlimited energy, legendary weapon, epic skin, new premium heroes, activation key, month card and any more.
  • Character bonus: increase damage and defense attributes, invisible mode, unlimited ammo.

SpaceRuler tips
Hack cheats tutorial SpaceRuler(wiki): Buildings:
Fling beacons - build enormous beacons capable of flinging ships away from them at vast speeds.
Gates - gate orbitals establish stable wormholes and let ships move from any gate to any other gate.
Hyperdrive - outfit your ships with hyperdrive engines to long distances through hyperspace.
Slipstream - specialized generator ships rip tears in time and space so ships can instantly pass between them.
Sublight - we have yet to discover a means to break the lightspeed barrier. Star with no FTL drive, generation, or FTL storage.
SpaceRuler tutorial

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