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Only the strongest and smartest strategists will be able to survive here. So let’s not waste any time! There is much to learn.
The realm is in troubled times. The dark elves are spreading their influence. The lands of humans are in peril. You must rise to the challenge. Explore the lands and unite the realm.
Lead your hero - this is your hero. He and his fellowship will move anywhere you order him to. Each unit can only move up to a limited number of tiles per turn.

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Factions and cities: each provinces is ruled by a faction, represented by it’s city. Cities that are in your posession, will serve as your local resource storage. All resources are managed separately for each province. You can extend your cities by building new buildings and upgrade to unlock new functionalities. Explore the map and capture as many strategic points as possible, such as mines and farms in order to gather resources.

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Start formation: before initializing the battle you must first set up a start formation for your units. Place your units anywhere on the tiles on your side oft he field. Click on “start” as soon as you are ready for the battle.
Your orders: chose a unit and select the target it shall attack. Different types of attack have different effects on enemies. A good commander will chose the best strategy based on the current situation.
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Orders sequence: as soon you have asigned an order to all of your units, you can commence the battle phase. Actions in “Spellforce heroes and magic” are being performed in sequence for your own and the enemies units.
Your city: add new buildings to unlock special features. Whenever you capture a resource location on the map, you unlock worker slots for that specific resource type. Asign workers from your city to mines, farms etc, to gain resources every turn. Some races are more efficient at gathering specific types of resources than others.

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  • Each city has a garrison army that may be deployed to use as a secondary army, but only in it's original province.
  • You can move a province's population from your city to production sites and back. This is important for your economy.
  • Manage your armies - here you can manage your heroes. Recruit new units, interchange units or deploy garrison armies.
  • Equipment - it is advisable to frequently check your units equipment to increase their strength in combat. Some items can only be carried by specific races.
  • Weapons and armors can be upgraded as soon as your unit enters a city that has a blacksmith.

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  • More advanced units start out at a higher level, but will take longer level up.
  • Strategically arrange your units before commencing battle.
  • Spells are really powerful. Don't forget to use them.
  • You can spend skill points to unlock new skills. Your units get skill points each time they level up.
  • Deployed armies will serve you as additional units on the map to conquer provinces, while stationed armies will guard your city against enemy attack.

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The human knights - combine mobility with heavy armor and unexcelled sword mastery. Their faith gives them the power to face any foe with unyielding courage.
Crossbowmen - combine the skills of scouts and marksmen. Their armor grants them the fast and supple movement of a ranger, but also provides adequate protection to survive a duel in battle.
Human guards - have long been the backbone of all armies in the realm of man. Even some elvish and dwarven kingdoms are known to employ such troops to prop up defensive positions.
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