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1. 4vNXnmLlVe - voucher 2. 41m37EUOqZ - promo code 3. J0fu61RPmz - upgrade 4. 4ku6wCwjat - action points 5. snF8Q1cf44 - increase health points Decades before the demon war with Karim, Port Haven was a growing state full of life and bravery. Yet a darkness befell the land when an evil lich, from eons past was revived and chaos ensued. Now adventurers must heed the call to slay the demon lich, before more innocent souls are taken.

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Class: warrior - the classic fighter who uses their feats of strength and bravery in battle. A greater life pool and limited magic skills marks this a classic beginner class.
Rogue - using more cunning and guile than strength, this predominantly equipment based hero finds a way to survive more often than not.
Priest - a member of the clergy, these devout followers wield their worshipped gods power into battle.
Mage - a scholar of the old texts, their knowledge of the arcane more than makes up for their frail body.

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human - the most common folk in the lands, they often wander between paths and with shorter lives seek gold and fortune.
Elf - versatility and skill are the most noble of traits among the elves. Living longer lives lets them accumulate more knowledge especially in the ways of magic.
Dwarf - sturdy, boisterous and unwilling to back down in a fight are well recognised traits amongst the rowdy folk.
Half orc - an impetuous race whose strength and recovery feats keep most in awe. They often are slower to adapt to the ways of magic.
Spellsword Cards Origins wiki
Ice - cold is a source of power of its own, vast knowledge has accumulated within its depths.
Darkness - harnessing necrotic power and messing the enemy’s mind is pinnacle of success.
Nature - provides nurture and protection for those who would seeks this path.
Fire - fiery tempers and quickness in battle are the hallmarks of this path.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Cards in your hand can be played or discarded by dragging them up or down.
  • Playing a card costs either action points or mana points as indicated on the card. Discarding a card regains 1 action point
  • When you run out of cards in your deck, your discard pile is shuffled back into it. Defeat the enemy by reducing their hit points to 0.
  • Tap and hold on anything to red its description. Don't forget you may discard a card to regain 1 action point!
  • Abm1dr06oA - Dodge: gain 2 block and draw a card. Block - for each charge on this effect reduce physical damage suffered till it reaches 0 or your next turn.
  • D4D2TzWnpm - Keen vision: permanent every 3rd turn, draw a card. Avoid ambush encounters. Permanent - does not expire after battle.

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yLL01zmHwK - Assassinate: deal physical damage equal to 3x the number of cards in your hand, then discard two cards at random.
Ex3nm6MuJb- Incinerate: remove the last card in the enemy discard pile from the game.
M72cIySAdj - Crossbow: whenever you play an action card 1 physical damage to enemy.
0hIjkNgnFq - Curse of weakness : does nothing when played. When drawn: reduce physical damage you deal by 3 until next turn.
PtJJdsaoqG - Inflamed: each time you play an attack card this turn, deal an additional 3 fire damage to enemy.
Spellsword Cards Origins tutorial

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