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Free hack Spellsword Cards cheats code list - legendary card, level up, gold, promo ticket, mana, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Spellsword Cards cheat world: spring has come to the peaceful hills above the free city of Porthaven. You and your elderly foster father Caleb habe set out for town, to replenish supplies that have run low over the winter. But something is very wrong. The town should be bustling with the start of the trading season, but instead there is uproar everywhere. “The metal!” everyone tells you. “all the steel is breaking like glass!”
Of course, you look to Caleb for guidance. Most think him a strange old hermit, but he was the one who raised you after you were orphaned. His guidance has made you a bold young adventurer with a strong heart.

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There are also disturbing rumors circulating that the nearby king of Karim is on his deathbed , whilst his strongest general is actively recruiting an army. “ But for what purpose?” people are wondering. “Our peaceful days are done,” Caleb tells you. “If i am right about this steel curse, there is no time to lose. We must be on the road to the Council of Mages by nightfall!” The Council of Mages! Everyone knows how their power and wisdom has helped keep the lands safe. And Caleb talks like he knows them! Full of exitement, you follow him on your new adventure.

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Level up a class for your hero. If it’s your first time, the warrior class is a good choice. Each time you level up a class you gain access to new powerful cards! hero skills are used in combat, up to 3 can be brought to a battle. Your new skills are already enabled on your hero as seen below. Put the last Minor healing potion into your deck on the right by double tapping or dragging it. Now it’s been placed in your deck on the right. Time to adventure! Click the close button at the top right and begin your first quest.

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Here is the main map, begin your first quest by tapping on the quest icon. Then tap on a quest entry to open up a quest item and strat your first battle. The battle is on! To enlarge a card simply tap it and again to dismiss. have Caleb attack by dragging from him to any enemy above. When you’re being attacked with a melee weapon you will automatically counter attack. But be careful, the same goes for your enemy. Now play the quarter staff weapon by dragging it onto the battlefield. It will appear next to your hero which means your hero has equipped that weapon. Now your hero can attack. Drag from your hero to attack an enemy.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Heros and summons can attack once per turn and summons cannot attack the turn they are cast.
  • You are looking a bit weary, give yourself a boost of life by dragging the minor life potion onto the battlefield.
  • Each encounter rewards you with experience points, gold coins and often cards to loot! You can add the cards into your deck in the deck builder.
  • After each battle all your cards are returned to your deck (even potions). Bring up the quest menu below to continue the adventure.
  • Goblin summons have the guard effect on them. They must be destroyed before you can attack the hero they are guarding. This does not apply to spells or skills you may use.

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    Tutorial Spellsword Cards(wiki) :
  • Now let's take a closer look at your equipped weapon card. Tap to expand it. THe number on the top left indicates the amount of mana that is needed to equip this weapon. Your current mana pool is shown in the blue crystal on the bottom right of the playing field. It replenishes every turn and one mana is added to the pool.
  • The number on the left shows the weapon's attack strength, this shows the damage that your hero will deal, while this weapon is equipped.
  • The number on the right indicates the weapon's uses remaining. Each time your hero attacks or counter attacks, the uses reduce by one.
  • When a hero with armor points is damaged, the armor is reduced to 0 before any life points are deducted. Don't forget to heal yourself if your life points get low. You can also use your recuperate skill by dragging it onto your hero.
  • Each time you have enough XP to gain a level you may choose any class to improve.
  • Now you can continue to explore. You can tap to move around the map. Look out for side quests, stories and crafting spots. Enjoy the adventure.

Spellsword Cards tutorial

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