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Do you want to become a spiral warrior? You’ve come to the right person! my name is Cheat-on, the Chief Scientist of the research lab! To become a warrior, you first have to know the basics. let’s tak a look at the structure of a top! The battle cap, weight ring, and driver. These are the three parts that make up a top. Battle cap is the combat core of a top. It contains the power of ancient heroes, and can unleash powerful ultimates.

Spin Arena hack

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The weight ring and driver are equipped with support skills. Which can generate unexpected effects if you combine them well. Take note! once a top enters the stadium, it cannot be controlled. You’d best put some thought into what parts to use in your Tops. You’re still new to this, so i’ll prepare the top for your first battle. behemoth is a pretty irritable one. Try launching it now! The tops here in our lab are equipped with movement sensors that allow them to launch into impacts with nearby tops.

Spin Arena cheats, hack codes

When a top is collided with, it loses HP. Once HP drops to 0, the top will be destroyed. These are the opponent’s HP. RPM indicates the Top’s current spinning energy. Due to resistance from the air and ground, RPM drops gradually over time. Once it runs out, the Top will be eliminated. Tops can charge during battle. Once fully charged, their ultimate can be unleashed! You can upgrade parts to make them stronger.
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Super championship is the most prestigious top competition! Each player competes with three tops in best-of-three battles. Din’t you worry, you’ve got me as a consultant! I’ve already helped you set up a balanced competition team! A leader can be assigned for each Top team, activating its leader skill. You will typically face opponents of similar strength to yourself during championships.
If you reach certain position, you’ll be promoted to a higher division at the ened of the championship, and face stronger opponents. Of course, the higher your final position, the greater the rewards.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
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Behemoth: demonic reaper - launches a devastating impact. Special effect: grants extra charge to ultimate through impact. MDYwZK - supply box
Nc4J3f - treasure chest
sqVT0U - hyper attack
WwZtO7 - vip status
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We can get to any place in any time with my time travel device. It’s a perfect way to review the stories of legendary spiral warriors. Every trip will reach a different parallel universe, the map will be changed randomly.
Forestia was an ancient country. Goddess venus brought the spiral to this country, and it became the cornerstone of tech and magic. Under the influence of magic code, animals got intelligence and turned to elfs. however, at the best time of Forestia, Venus take back the spiral, the fame of magic code extinguished, the country was no longer strong. Even the elfs began to lose their mond. You came here to found out what happened. how and where enter

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