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Spirit Clash cheat world: hello, there! Nice to meet you. I am cheat-on, the guide of this spirit world. You are a rookie master, aren't you? A master needs to befriend a creature above anything else. In this world, there are all different sorts of creatures. Your friend creatures will level up as they go through many battles. Right now, there is competition taking place in the arena to decide the new spirit lord. Everyone is coming to the arean to become the spirit lords. My gut feeling says you are here to become the true spirit lord. Trust me, buddy! Let's learn how to battle by taking a look at other battles.

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Now the time has come to vote for a new spirit lord. Spirit clash is a turn based PvP board game. You need to defeat the enemy master to win the battle. You can win by making HP bar under the character reach 0. You lose the battle when HP of your ally master reaches 0. You need to summon a creature to the battlefield to win the battle. YOu need mana equivalent to the amount of the cost to summon a creature. The creatures moves towards the enemy master from the line it is summoned and automatically battles with the enemy.

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You cannot cancel the summoned creature. Also, you cannot move to another line once the battle starts. Each creatures has distinguished skills. Characters have attack power and HP. ATK refers to the amount of damage it can inflict to the enemy. When its HP reaches 0, it leaves the battlefield. Long range type creatures can launch a preemptive attack to a melee type characters. it cannot instantly attack after moving, so make good use of the area effect.

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A creature close to the master can attack him. Of course, the long range type creature can attack him from a distance. If you summon a creature that uses the rear attack skill, you can kill enemies threatening the master. Summon a hero that rapidly reaches and attacks the enemy master. If you summon a creature that uses a skill with area effect, you can seize a line immediately. You can use the master skill only once without consuming mana. Use it properly and win the battle.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:you have obtained a spirit egg as the battle reward. The egg you obtained is placed in the incubator. You can incubate the spirit egg in the incubator. it takes time for the egg to hatch. You can make the sipit egg hatch instantly by consuming specific gem or hack cheats code. You can manage owned creatures in deck settings. Collect creature fragments to use them for character upgrade. Check every information you need to know about the hero in details. You need hack fragment and gold for the upgrade.

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Tutorial Spirit Clash (wiki): you will have higher stats for higher level. Sometimes, your skill is enhanced depending on the level. You can deploy up to 9 heroes in the battle deck. Make a unique battle deck with your own creatures. You need to gather arena points and go to higher tier arenas to become the spirit lord. For higher tier arena gives you more spirit eggs and new creatures. You can complete daily quests by participating in arena league. Daily quest is reset everyday and you can earn point and gold if you achieve the goal. Collect the quest point and you can claim spirit eggs.

Spirit Clash hacked Instructions Spirit Clash: You can receive a legendary spirit egg if you check attendance for 7 days. Koo - the leader of dark shadows. It summons minions through a shadow tunnel to ambushes enemies.

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