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Free hack Spiral Storm cheats code list - gold, evolve, level up, promo ticket, legendary card, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Spiral Storm cheat world: Simba, the Lion king for his revenge climbed over 99 mountains, crossed over 99 rives in the abandoned arena. Finally, he found it - the unlimited power, the stone of the Sun. The stone of the sun - as long as i get it, my journey of revenge is complete! use the joystick in the lower left corner to move.

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Your mana info will be displayed in the lower right corner, and most of the actions will cost. Tap the hero skill in the lower right corner to attack! This will cost your mana. Mana will recover by 1 point every 2 seconds. When the aman gem is full, you will not receive more energy.

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Every 12 seconds, you will receive a new mana gem, which will allow you to cast spells at. You can tap the newly appeared card to summon civet warrior to help you in fight. The power of the spiral has allowed you to use light ball. Tap and hold the card and drag it to the battle deck. Tap the start matching button to enter the battle.

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Use divine shelter - it can make you immune to any damage within 4 seconds. Use scorching light, it can deal damage to all enemies in the range. Use civet warrior squad - multiple small units will grant you the advantage against single. You can arrage up arrange up to 3 preset decks for each hero, to easily enable instant switching before battle.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: card obtained via craft will appear under the owned tab. Wheel of time is a 24 hour wheel similar to a clock. Gems with a variety of shapes can be collected via battle victories. The gems can be extracted once the pointer rotates past the gems. There are tier protections at tier 5,10,15, and 20 in ladder.
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Tutorial Spiral Storm(wiki): you can only replace up to two out of the three cards before the battle begins. You can obtain cards by opening spiral cubes or crafting. There are four distinct factions , which are: breaking dawn, rising sun, fallen dusk, and shadow night.
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