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Free hack Splash Rabbit Arena cheats code list - power up, unlimited paint, gold, promo ticket, booster, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Splash Rabbit Arena cheat world: there was a child like mage that no one as ever seen before. A mage only accompanied by a small baby rabbit, people called the mage “little mage”. On the desire to be the strongest in the world where the law of the jungle prevails. She constantly seeked for battle strongest monsters. Can our little mage defeat all those monsters and become the one above all!

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The switch over there will let you open the gate so that you can get through. Spring - it will launch you over obstacles. Drive over the tile to blast off. Look, there are some other players! Don’t let them paint more than us! Go to the vehicle menu. You can upgrade your vehicle and buy new ones here: efficiency, acceleration, tank size, jump height, tank plating, speed, jump distance. I’ll see you in the arena.

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You can adjust your camera angle and steering in the settings in the top left of the main menu. There are golden carrots all over the playing field. Collecting them allows you to drive faster, use your special abilities more often, and jump! Use glue and moles to annoy your opponents. Drive exciting vehicles from Roman chariot to futuristics space racer.

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Start a round. Drive around - use the arrows to steer. You can jump over some obstacles. Green means you can get over, red means you can’t. Look - sprinkler, drive into it with enough paint in your tank to take over it. Top - this is your paint tank. You can fill it by driving over tiles of your own color.

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