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Free hack Spooky Heroes cheats code list - gold, gravestone, evolve, promo ticket, resource, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Spooky Heroes cheat world: once upon a time, the world of underground was ruled by the Lord of Evil. But the Lord of Evil wanted more than that...He wanted more than the underworld. In the ehd, the Lord of Evil laid eye on the endless plain above. The Lord of Evil sent out his minions to invade the world above.

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The world above was overwhelmed by Beasts. To stop the Lord of Evil, the God of Light assembled an army of Heroes. A war that will determine the fate of humanity is about to begin!
Let's jump into the fray! Your ghost will use most of its attacks and abilities automatically.

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Your ghost's ultimate skill is ready? Tap the icon to activate it. Tap on the screen when the rings touch to make your attacks even stronger. So now you know how to fight. Let's take a look around your villa. Your ghosts need a place to live. Let's build a hallway for them. Then, drag your ghost into the new hallway.

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In battle, you'll face off against a boss. With a bit of luck, you can catch it. You can send up to five ghosts into battle at the same time. For now, you only have one. keep battling, to make your team bigger.
There's another way to find ghosts aside from the campaign. In the graveyard you can win useful prizes that will help you improve your team or the villa.

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Tutorial Spooky Heroes(wiki): You unlocked vetran and elite mode. These let you play completed boss missions again at a higher difficulty for better rewards and higher experience. Remember, rooms cost coins and resources. Drag the hungry ghost into the dining room and watch it satisfy its hunger. Use the time skip hack to shorten the wait.
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