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SquadflowM Battle Arena cheat world: Technology has transformed the lives of humanity of Earth in the near future. Robots with a sphisticated AI have become prevalent in human lives. Assured of the benefits science can bring to enrich humanity, the human race finally began to venture out into deep space, the final unknown frontier. As the future of humanity seemed so glorious and promising, nobody noticed the shadow of the great disaster that was to follow. A.D 2127. A cataclysm of a planetary scale of unknown causes striked the Earth.

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With most of humanity already decimated, an army of robots called "backbots" appeared, launching a merciless offense against humanity, as if trying to wipe its very existence from Earth. Ultimately, most life forms, including humans, disappeared from Earth in an instant. The few humans that did survive the apocalypse hid away into pockets of shelters, while the leaders fled to their space colony via the orbital elevator.
After some time... The leaders who fled to space decided to crack down on the blackbots that drove them out. They called back the SP5 robots that were out on expeditions to the outer space to send to Earth. Now upgraded as combat robots, the SP5 robots were given a new set of missions: reconnaissance, intelligence collection, and the extraction of survivors.

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Dispatched to Earth, the SP5 carried out its first mission. it began investigating the cause of the cataclysm and the forces behind the Blackbots. When the blackbots attack and place humanity on the brink of extinction, world leaders and some of the survivors escape to a space colony. To secure more information about the Blackbots, they recall the exploration robot SP5, which was previously dispatched to the outher space.
I am Cheat-on, a combat support unit. Welcome to Sqadflow. I will support the current unit during the expedition. Familiarize yourself with the controls, and proceed to the objective area at the end of the line. We will now begin the training.

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D-pad - moves the SP5 forward, backward, left and right. View change - drag to the left or right to change the perspective. This is also possiblt with the buttons pressed. Booster - tap to dash. Pres and hold to activate the booster and move. Auto aim - targets within the lock on range are automatically targeted with auto aim. Fire weapon - fires the currently equipped main weapon.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: completing the tutorial will grant you rewards that you can use to facilitate your mission with the SP5. When Hp reaches 0%, the SP5 will be destroyed. Shield - a force field that absorbs the damage received. Slowly recovers when no damage has been received for a certain amount of time. Rounds - the number of rounds per magazine of the weapon in use. Once all magazines are expended, the weapon cannot be used. Boost - this is drained when the booster is used and autoamtically begins to recharge when it reaches 0%.

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SquadflowM Battle Arena hacked Information: Skill - uses the skill of the equipped backpack. Call a supporter for help in critical moments. Please decorate with your own unique SP5. nAdditional special abilities make it even more special. During the sale of rave reviews in the shop. You will now control the expedition robot SP5 dispatched to the Earth's wasteland. You will conduct reconnaissance, collect intelligence, and extract survovors. Prior to that, however, we will conduct a tutorial on the game's system.

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