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This is a game that wins if you first push the opponent's hero and drop them all. First, let's briefly learn how to give order. Drag the hero to the back and feel it releases. Push the enemy to drop it. I'll learn how to move without dragging the hero directly. Choose a hero icon. If the hero icon is selected, you can move the hero by dragging anywhere on the screen. lastly, you will activate another allie's skill. Push your allies into the red circle. Each hero has a variety of activation skills. Please control well according to the skill of the hero.

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hack SSAMBAK Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):Form your own various battle teams. Select hero minor: throwing bombs - the bomb gives the enemy a radius of two blocks away from the parabola to throw away the damage of 120. Large bomb preparation: when allies come crashing, the next bomb you throw increases size. A large bomb 180 damage to enemies with a radius of 4 blocks.
R77: Cyclone attack - spinning traveled to a conflict will ever damage 120. Ai missiles: when the allies came crashing to fire one missile detects the surrounding enemies. Where the missile fell helps the enemy of the radius three blocks away the damage of 60.

cheat Step #2: Use combination - Baudu: curse of death - to the first crash ever wielded a wand will damage 120 50% of the semi-harm has changed with the recovery amount and divide the allies of the radius four blocks away. Curse of weakness: when he dies, instead of the grave totem is generated. Totem reduces the active skill damage of nearby enemies by 50% for 3 turns at the end of each turn.

code Step #3:Some heroes rarely take damage from ranged attacks. They must deal with melee heroes. A buff skill with a turn limit is decremented when my turn returns. If the map is suddenly shines red will fall after four turns.

SSAMBAK Step #4: Remember: when attacking movement path markings indicated is about half the distance to the actual reach.

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  • 2. The ranking is determined by the sum of the hero’s medals. Therefore, it is advantageous if you have many heroes.
  • 3. Quest will change randomly every day at 0 o'clock.
  • 4. Collect medals to get rewards. The total medal is the sum of the hero medals you have.
  • 5. Any hero has the skills that are triggered after death.
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