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The Nexus has returned. An unstoppable energy wave that threatens all life in the galaxy. After its appearance in the year 2371, Federation scientists developed technology to harness the energy, and build a starship able to enter the Nexus and rescue those trapped inside. The U.S.S. ARTEMIS. YOU are its captain. Once inside the Nexus, you watch helplessly as your crew disappear one by one! Just as you find yourself facing off against an alien warship...And respond to a HUMAN distress call...If iCloud is enabled and available, saves will automatically be saved in your iCloud account for backup and access on other devices. Scan removes Cloak from the target and guarantees that the next hit against them will be a Critical Hit.

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hack Star Trek Legends Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Something's preventing me from beaming out. Sabotaging the ship's warp core should solve the problem! Can you send over any crew to help me? Scanning the strange ether within the Nexus, you detect a life sign that matches Starfleet records...Slide the console to BEAM THEM ABOARD. It appears my arrival was timely. Send me over to their ship and I will silence these Cardassian cowards! There's no time to waste. You send him to help Burnham on the Cardassian vessel. You can increase the level and rank of your Gear by finding the right Materials!

cheat Step #2: Use the TAUNT effect to force enemies to attack your defensive Crew Member! Play new events to unlock new and exciting Crew and content! Purge removes a number of positive status effects from an enemy based on the Purging Crew Member's Tech stat. Cardassian technology is no more advanced that Starfleet's. We should be able to disable their warp core easily. Explore to discover CHOICES and unlock new paths of bonuses during missions! Disabling the warp core has critically lowered the Cardassian Morale for the next encounter.

code Step #3:The Cardassians are attempting to block our signals. We must hold them off until we can safely transport! Back aboard the Artemis, you explain your mission into the Nexus to Burnham and Worf. The Enterprise has encountered the Nexus before. It seduces the minds of those it captures, making prisoners of them all. Let's not delay any further. Captain, it would be wise to locate more displaced officers trapped here.

Star Trek Legends Step #4: Collect items to upgrade your Crew Member's Level and Rank, or Promatter to upgrade Skills. Shield effects create a second, temporary health bar. Use Protomatter to upgrade your Crew Skills. Collect PROTOMATTER to unlock new skills and upgrade them.

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