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Cheat code story: let's start with the first lesson. The first is to learn construction and production. Produce a miner. The more miners, the faster the minerals are collected. Then let us build a turret to improve defense capabilities. Build a barracks, where the fighting units are produced. Set up a staging area so that the fighting units can be assembled automatically after production. Let's make another warrior and attack.

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hack Star Battlefield Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): activate the command: optical construction and production will certainly not be enough. To defeat your opponent, the command is the key.

cheat Step #2: Skill cards play a big role in the battle recipe, we first try to use an airborne skill. The enemy has a defense tower? Get around it! Sliding the screen will force the force to move to the designated location.

code Step #3: Destroying the main base can be a direct victory, attacking the main base. Click on the button "all" to select all units. Click on the unit icon on the right side of the screen to select all units of this unit.

Star Battlefield Step #4: This is the last step, it is also an actual combat simulation. You will not be able to see the enemy beyond sight! After victory, you formally become the imperial commander.

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  • 1. The laser damage of the war machine will increase with the burning time.
  • 2. Perdue's legs are shot, but faster than anyone else when spinting.
  • 3. The more miners, the faster you collect minerals! At the same time owns 8 miners simultaneously.
  • 4. During the matching process, if the teammate is offline for a long time, the system will automatically match a new teammate.
  • 5. Detecting drones is a small, but very effective! Also detect invisible units.
  • 6. Battle for earth - break up the attack of hostile alliance and protect the earth home! 1. There are 12 difficulty levels, each of which needs to disrupt the enemy’s 12 charges. 2 You can enter the next difficulty only when you have enough strength, because the next level is likely to be the beginning of nightmare;
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