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Game story: the beginning of the interstellar Era 2nd centuru human beings have got to know a kind of intelligent life in the Andromeda system - Insectium. They have strange shapes and powerful technology humans, who pride themselves on their noble civilization prefer to call them the bug. Communication and friction among civilizations: the military, scientific, technological and cultural levels of the two sides have developed rapidly. However, the dark tide is raging under the scene of prosperity. A huge storm sweeping through the galaxy cluster is coming soon.

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The first is how to deploy warships. Operation mode - press the warship button and drag it to the position in the channel. Release of anon fairway location. Batch deployment can deploy multiple warships at one time. Hold and drag the warship to the channel, deploy five ships. There are three channels on the battlefield, and warships can be deployed in each channel. After occupying the channel, the warships of the channel will get attribute bonus.

Star Brawl 2 cheats, hack codes

In battle, we should protect our own mothership and defeat the enemy. If you want to destroy the mothership, you must fist kill the turrets on each channel.
Battle map - where you can find the target galaxy and enter the level. Before the battle, the warship can be deployed. Please click the fleet button in the main navigation menu. Here’s the fleet page, where you can view and edit fleet deployment. The top of the screen is the outgoing slot and the bottom is the warship warehouse. Drag the super warship icon to the designated slot to make it out to battle.

Next, we began to change the gear for the warship. Click the icon of super battle. The super warship is the core of the fleet and can be freely assembled. Click the dit button. Here is the warship page, which has all the gear and attribute information for the warship. It may seem a bit complicated, but don’t worry, you’ll grow familiar with them. Switch to the cannon page first. Above the screen is the warchip gear slot and below is the gear warehouse. Now there is a legendary gear, drag the icon to the designated slot to install and use it. Use Star Brawl 2 cheats codes - the new warship can be out into battle Based on consumption, ordinary warships are divided into power and radiant. The shill is a radiant ships, which is more powerful. However, the more precious radiant energy needed to be consumed in battle is represented by the number in the upper right corner of the common warchip icon, which represents power or radiant energy consumption.

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