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7DvOJK - treasure chest
60wr6l - energy
crIcnv - aid kit
6XiTdg - increase attack speed
GB2vBd - multiplayer mode
2G3wLc - shield
yN6EvS - credit voucher
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The main living module is under attack of critters. We don’t be able to cope without you! Protect the gates of the living module. You have only 3 charges to dril before each wave. You need to prepare the defense of the base. It is necessary to get minerals by blasting the stones around. You have 3 charges. Build more machine gun turrets. You’ll need the energy minerals to upgrade the turrets. When tapping on the turret, you will see the menu.

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The turret can be improved if you have enough minerals, and the improvement is open. The turret can be disassembled, returning the full cost of construction. Upgrades cost is non refundable. Only undamaged turret can be disassembled. If the turret is damaged - you can fix it. The yellow circle shows the shooting range.
Instant first aid kit - fully restores health upon activating. When on a brink of death you need but to open this medkit, it will do the rest on its own. Using the first aid kit at the last moment - you can restrain the flow of monsters 2 times longer.

Star Miners cheats, hack codes

Machine gun turret - a basic turret, always ready to stuff any organic target full of lead. Try to build turrets so as to maximize the length of the monsters. Remember, after each wave, your spacesuit is restored. each wave you have 3 explosive charges. Explosives damage rock in a 3x3 square.
Armory - place of storage and production of weapons and ammunition. Produces frag grenades every 2 hours.
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Frag grenade - this grenade can seriously injure a lot of monsters. Only, before using it allow a crowd to form, it’s more scenic this way. A small recharge allows you to use the grenade several times per wave. Alien seems to be armored. Our machine guns are totally useless against it. Each turret has a priority type of target for which it deals maximum damage. Missile turret - long range turret that deals area damage and decimates armored targets.

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5 Fwg0jI gift box
6 J09lfe gold coins
7 eMGb2x month card
8 CwsoeT premium pack
9 aSf3nJ legendary gear
10 wLwETr vip ticket
11 zAB8A2 gear pack

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1kjdks - supply box
hnhTYt - treasure chest
j0dhV1 - multiplayer
HX7cDy - vip status
glgGdK - star tokens
Hack xeia54 - artifacts
Cheat iDFIhs - evade
H31xRO - elite ticket
xg7jwz - exchange cheat code

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