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Is this really not a dream. I opened my eyes and came to the otherwordly college, this doesn't feel real in any way. If i'm not dreaming, i must have teleported somehow.
Please follow me to the training grounds - tap the challenge button. Touch the avatar to direct the astral to enter or exit; touching the astral on the battlefield will also direct them to exit. Tap on the avatar for the first astral to enter the battlefield. Attacking and receiving attacks can increase the Astral's energy, when energy is full, you may unleash.

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hack Starlight Academia Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):Characters on the battlefield can change positions at will, they are not restricted by front or back row placement. Tap hero photo, to view profile information. Tap on "level up", to increase abilities. Tap on "equip all", to quickly change worn gear.

cheat Step #2: Element advantage will additionally increase damage 25% (e.g water has 25% advantage over fire). The star level of astrals can be increased through the library. SR and SSR have their own tier up plans.

code Step #3:Use skills: thorn bird - summon thorns to entangle 1 random enemy unit, deal 70% ATK as damage. Entagled enemies will be stbbed continuously and are unable to move.
Shield - grant shield of leaves to a teammate, each time teammate suffers damage to the attacked, can trigger once every 0,12 seconds. Enemy units reflected upon will have reduced speed for a short duration.

Starlight Academia Step #4: Fight with many adorable girls, achieve progress everyday. No matter if you are online or offline, the idle battle can make you stronger. Easily collect and upgrade heroes. Unlock interesting gameplays and advance in the game.

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  • 1. Beast hack list:

    additional idle coin income +200% - #5c00pwc8V
    maximum time limit for idle rewards: 30 - #zec2hc4uK
    maximum deployed astrals: 200 - #qPPULzd5L

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    unlock star tower - #UvLBmmgOn
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    Union Boss challenges 3 times - #v6gRw4pBB

  • 2. Quick train - undergo quick training under Kruru's supervision, immediately obtain 120 minutes offline gains (except player XP).
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Floating city - the earliest city created by the ancient god Kruru after its arrival on Earth, used to be known as Lalaye. The city, along with the long slumbering ancient god Kruru, sank into the sea for a long time, it has collapsed from the erosion of countless ages, but we can still see its former glory from the ruins. The stone pillar at the entrance is engraved with an ancient prayer, which means, “in the eternal mansion within Lalaye, Kruru awaits a dream in his long slumber.”

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