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Free hack Starship battle cheats code list - gold, resources, speed up, promo ticket, legendary ship, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Starship battle cheat world: congratulations on your appointment as a space fleet captain. YOu've been granted the spherical 'purple beam battleship', and charged with defending the solar system outskirts. Now it's time to improve your fleet. Win in battles and achieve glory. You can choose a galaxy by dragging from left to right.
Solar system Kuiper belt defense division. Discovered an unidentified object quickly approaching from the direction of Andromeda. Move to the indicated area and check the unidentified object.

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Drag the screen to move the camera. Pinch two fingers to zoom in and out. Rotate the screen with two fingers to spin the camera. Drag the fleet to move it to a desired location. You can open the battlefield map. Click the turbo button to increase movement speed. Once the turbo gauge is depleted, you'll have to wait for it to recover.

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In order to improve your fleet combat power you need to develop technologies, and produce and install relevant parts. In fleet, you can change fleet deployment, or add a new ship to the formation. The hangar is used for actions such as ship buildings, upgrading, repairs, management, etc. You can recruit and train crew members at the crew recruitment center.

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Manages mineral\gas mines discovered on different planets. In order to improve your fleet combat power you need to develop technologies, and produce and install revelant parts. Developing technologies improves battleship performance. To develop parts you have to meet certain tech levels. By dragging a ship you can change its position.

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