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Greetings! Are you the Seeker we’ve been expecting? Then you must be the one who can find the last dragon’s You begin the game with two horses and a limited stable. Increase your game funds by training winners then build up your stable and breed horses of your own to take on the world’s best. Starters orders is a complex racing simulation and you should check out the instruction document before playing by clicking I on the front menu.

Starters Orders 7 Horse Racing hack

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Click play icon top right to go to the races. Table contains a list of the horses in your stable. Tap on one of your herses names to access the horses Data screen. This screen displays details about the selected unit including past form, future race entries, handicap ratings and progression etc. It is important to study a horses past form when evaluating a race. If you own horse you may view more detailed stats by clicking the blue stats icon (top left). There are also options to retire, auction or use racing aids (such as pacifiers) for player owned horses.

Starters Orders 7 Horse Racing cheats, hack codes

When you have selected a horse choose a race to enter by taping on the race name below. The race details will also be displayed. Race menu - you are now at the racecourse. The runners for the current race are listed on the bookmakers backboard. When you have finished studying the form and placing bets you may either view the race or simply skip the race and view the result only. When you are ready to watch the next race. Tap icon to view the race (or tap the play icon top right of screen).
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There are alternative icons for skipping races. To place a bet tap on a horse and then complete the betting slip (bottom left). Before betting make sure you have studied the form via the form card. You may follow any non player horse in the game by tapping icon. Your staff will email you regarding followed hores. Followed horses are listed on the my-data screen.

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